Introducing Stream Support In RabbitMQ

Want to know more about stream support in RabbitMQ? Arnaud Cogoluègnes, Staff Engineer at VMware breaks down all there is to know about at the 2021 RabbitMQ Summit.

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Here’s Why You Should Build Scalable and Concurrent Applications with Elixir

In today's world, when dealing with high levels of system requests, you need applications that can handle them without slowing down. Here’s where Elixir comes in. Elixir is a programming language that is designed to create highly scalable and concurrent applications. Built on Erlang's virtual machine (BEAM), it has been used for decades to build highly reliable and scalable systems.

Here’s Why You Should Build Scalable Systems with Erlang

Building systems in the earlier days of the internet used to be pretty simple. While the system was admittedly pretty limited, the demand to scale past one or two servers

Presentamos el soporte de transmisión en RabbitMQ

¿Quiere saber más sobre el soporte de transmisión en RabbitMQ? Arnaud Cogoluègnes, ingeniero de personal de VMware, desglosa todo lo que hay que saber en la Cumbre RabbitMQ de 2021.

Creating a simple weather application with Phoenix LiveView

we will discuss our experience building an online weather application in Elixir using Phoenix LiveView. We created a real-time weather application that allows users to see the past, current, and forecast temperature and precipitation data for any UK postcode.

Se explican las colas de Quorum de RabbitMQ: lo que necesita saber.

Este tipo de cola es importante cuando RabbitMQ se usa en una instalación de clúster. Descubre más en este blog.

Getting started with RabbitMQ: A beginner’s guide for your business

Are you wondering if RabbitMQ will work well for your business? In our latest guide, we explore the basics of RabbitMQ and why it might just be the messaging system upgrade you’re looking for.

Can’t Live `with` It, Can’t Live `with`out It

'with' is a powerful tool in Elixir, but it's not without its quirks. This blog will help you understand how to use it best and how to manage unexpected behaviours.

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Elixir, 7 steps to start your journey

Ready to embark on a learning journey? Find out why it would be good to know more about Elixir and the other BEAM languages.

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Elixir, 7 pasos para iniciar tu viaje

¡Hablemos de Elixir! Elixir es un lenguaje de programación funcional creado por José Valim para construir sistemas concurrentes y escalables: “a dynamic, functional language for building scalable and maintainable applications”.