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Introducing BEAM Telemetry

Erlang & Elixir conferences delivered virtually and in person

We want to make fault-tolerant, reliable systems standard in modern computing. That’s why we’re passionate about supporting conferences and events which facilitate the sharing of knowledge and helps to grow the open source community. As a business, we have an important part to play in creating comfortable spaces for the functional programming community to get together and inspire one another.

At our conferences developers of all levels interact with some of the most respected names in the community, including the inventors of the BEAM’s most popular languages and frameworks. Our ongoing commitment to powering the Code Sync and ElixirConf EU conferences helps us stay up-to-date with the latest developments and inspires the ongoing growth of our world-class team of experts.

conferences & events

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Past conferences

Code BEAM America 2022

Where Erlang & Elixir Developers Unite To Share the Secrets to Scale to Billions NOVEMBER 03-04, 2022

Fintech Week London Event

We’ll be discussing fintech trends in modern financial services on 12 July from 6 pm in-person at CodeNode in central London. Live panel debate followed by the opportunity to network over drinks and snacks.

RabbitMQ Summit 2022

RabbitMQ Summit is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together industry leaders from fintech, healthcare, eCommerce, IoT and a variety of other industries to immerse themselves in the latest case studies and features in the world RabbitMQ.

About Code Sync

Code Sync is a family of tech conferences. A brand we created to consolidate the conferences we’ve been running since 2008. Each conference has its own flavour and focus but every Code Sync conference is to spread a culture of Learn. Share. Inspire.