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As users grow and systems become more complex, there are not many industries that won’t benefit from the fault-tolerance and reliability of our distributed systems expertise. That being said, there are some industries we’ve worked with more than others. Our past experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the needs, demands and unique considerations associated with that sector.


The benefits of reliable and highly scalable tech in the healthcare industry are clear. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service handles over 65 million record requests a day with 99.999% uptime over the last 5-years using Erlang. And there are countless other stories of Erlang and Elixir providing the stability and innovation required to critical health care providers.

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IoT & Connected Devices

Connected devices create high volumes of concurrent traffic and require highly available, distributed, soft real time solutions. Our expertise in backend, server side infrastructure, containerisation, asynchronous message brokers, and Instant Messaging servers gives us a holistic insight into the demands of IoT systems. Our partnership with EMQ X further establishes us as world leading experts in IoT projects.

Erlang and Elixir in FinTech


It goes without saying that reliability and uptime are of the highest importance to financial service providers. Our expertise in fault-tolerant solutions has allowed us to provide industry leading technology in one of the world’s most used instant payment systems, provide support for leading banks and guidance to innovative blockchain solutions. When it comes to financial services, we recognise that system availability and resilience is a business critical must-have now more than ever. We work with leading firms on financial technologies found in one of the world’s highest traffic instant payment solutions, many top challenger and incumbent banks and innovative blockchain platforms. Our consultative approach and expertise in fault-tolerant technologies means that our clients can focus on delivering value to their end-users and achieving business goals secure in the knowledge that we have the experience and track record to be relied on to deliver a best in class FinTech solution.

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Fintech Trends In 2023 Whitepaper

We have just published the Erlang Solutions’ FinTech Trends In 2023. Prepared by Cara May-Cole with contributions from several influential industry commentators from around the world. Discover what’s next from a technical and business model perspective. The report is ready to download now.

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Can’t find the industry you’re in? Chances are we have a use case for you? From logistics to advertising, cloud computing to manufacturing our products are used by global leaders in almost every industry. We help companies increase their scalability and resilience, get new features and developments to market quicker and reduce system vulnerabilities. Talk to us about your industry and how we can help.

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Social and New Media Solutions

From the high volumes of users and instances they create, to the concurrency they require and the chat systems that power them, social and new media channels require the kind of expertise in distributed systems we provide. We contributed to the early planning of WhatsApp, which is one of Erlang’s greatest success stories. Our MongooseIM enterprise Instant Messaging solution was a key part of Grindr’s tech stack. Meanwhile, other social media platforms who are not in our client base, such as Pinterest are also proud users of the BEAM.

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