Riak: Simple, scalable, fault-tolerant storage – always available

NoSQL scalable/fault-tolerant database

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WombatOAM: an operations and maintenance framework for Erlang-based systems

Gives full visibility on what is going on in your Erlang clusters either as a stand-alone product or by integrating into your existing OAM infrastructure.

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Community resource

Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP

This guide takes you through the basics of OTP and Erlang Design Patterns

and demonstrates how the platform can be used in a wide range of industries.

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MongooseIM: Delivering high performance and scalability with multi-user chat rooms.

Instant Messaging Solution

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Erlang User Conference 11-12 June 2015


The largest Erlang event in Europe is back!

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MongooseIM – the massively scalable ejabberd platform

A base platform for building high performance messaging systems designed to provide communication for millions of online users.

Riak NoSQL Database

A cloud-ready, fault tolerant, linearly scalable solution fit to enable your business to capture, store and search all kinds of crucial content.


A Software Defined Networking (SDN) standard enabling the next generation of IP networks and advanced functionalities such as Network Functionality Virtualisation (NFV).


An operations and maintenance framework for Erlang based systems providing full visibility of  Erlang clusters either as a stand-alone product or by integrating into your existing OAM infrastructure.

Are you new to Erlang?

You should start thinking about Erlang when you need applications that:

  • Handle larger number of concurrent activities
  • Are easily distributable over a network of computers
  • Scale with number of machines in the network
  • Are fault-tolerant to both software and hardware error

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Delivering extensive global experience of our certified Erlang/OTP consultants & helping clients respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility.


Providing a wide range of services-from small proof-of-concept prototypes to turnkey systems, where we develop the entire product from scratch.


Providing the complete support for Erlang/OTP systems enabling clients increase stability, flexibility and system performance.


Offering Erlang/OTP courses at all levels, anywhere in the world- stand-alone as well as in conjunction with our conferences.

Case Studies

bet365 delivers seamless service to 11 million players thanks to its Erlang-based system

bet365’s in-play betting platform was initially developed in Java. The sheer volume of web traffic, traditional tools and techniques no longer offered acceptable performance in terms of scalability and time to market. The company realised that this system would soon hit the limit of its scalability. As a consequence, bet365’s team found and evaluated Erlang and used it to develop its new in-play platform.





Event: Erlang User Conference 11-12 June

The largest and  oldest Erlang conference is back! Join us in Stockholm on 11-12 June for great talks about Erlang/OTP and Elixir innovations, open-source applications, tools, products and case studies.  Read more...



News: New webinar "How Erlang took Virtual Hold Technology to Call Centre heaven"

Join us on Tuesday, June 9 to find out how Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) embraced Erlang development and implementation in the contact center technology industry.  Read more...



Event: The Polyglot Rabbit: Adventures with RabbitMQ and multi-protocol messaging

In the next London Erlang User Group, Brett Cameron will discuss the multi-protocol features of RabbitMQ and how the capabilities of Erlang have been utilised to implement the powerful RabbitMQ plugin architecture.  Read more...



Event: Technical Meet-up with Erlang Solutions & Basho

Get an insight on how Erlang and Riak work in the gambling and betting industry. Listen to a technical presentations from Erlang Solutions CTO Torben Hoffmann and Jawad Yaqub from Basho.   Read more...



Event: Online Gambling & Betting Breakfast Briefing

Join us for an exclusive breakfast briefing in Gibraltar. Peter Morgan from William Hill will be sharing insights into the use of Erlang technology for the online gambling and betting industry.  Read more...