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Our support offering allows you to have confidence that your business critical systems are always in the safe hands of world-leading experts.

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As your business grows, so will the demands on your system. The consequences of an outage can be disastrous ranging from loss of revenue, to loss of customers or legal action. The technologies we use are designed to be reliable, leading to an absolute minimal chance of downtime, but if something goes wrong it’s important to know that a solution is not far away.

We offer a range of support packages for all the technologies we work with including Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ, MongooseIM and EMQx. Our support packages ensure that if ever something goes wrong, one of our experts will be available to fix it as quickly as possible.

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Support Packages

We understand flexibility is important so we tailor our support packages around your individual needs. The below overview is a good starting point to help you understand what we offer, contact us to find out more.


Best for pre-funded start-ups and non-essential systems

  • 1 user account to manage logging/monitoring issues on the Erlang Solutions ticket tracking system
  • Support for one technology only and specific platforms listed on supported environments
  • Limited number of consultative support hours


Best for business critical systems in pre or mid development

Everything included in Basic plus:

  • 2 user accounts to manage logging/monitoring issues on the Erlang Solutions ticket tracking system
  • Generous consultative support hours and trouble tickets consistent with expected usage
  • Guaranteed resolution plan in three working days if the issue is not resolved in the first instance


The best plan for your live mission-critical systems

Everything included in Business plus:

  • 5 user accounts to manage log issues on the Erlang Solutions ticket tracking system
  • Highest priority for responses to all your logged issues
  • Unlimited consultative support hours and trouble tickets
  • Guaranteed resolution plan in one working day if the issue not resolved in the first instance


The best plan for your live mission-critical systems

Everything included in Enterprise plus:

  • Ideal for moving an existing Erlang/OTP environment to new platform, testing, on-going support and tested upgrades as future versions are released
  • Available for any open source or proprietary Erlang applications and systems
  • Mainly for technical environments with other Erlang open source or third-party proprietary systems
  • Tailored to individual needs

Technologies we support

Trusted by the creators

We have deep relationships with the teams behind the tech we offer support for. Our experts still works closely with the Erlang / OTP team on releases and, should your need require it, can build patches directly into releases. We are trusted by the creators of both RabbitMQ and Elixir who refer users to us for support. We are proud partners of EMQ X and the creators of MongooseIM. If something goes wrong, you’re in the hands of the experts who even the creators themselves turn to.

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