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A best practice distributed system is able to handle large spikes in users. A well maintained code base results in a smaller code base making it easier to spot faults and put changes live. Done right, a system built on the right technologies should reduce the demands (and therefore costs) of your physical infrastructure.

Our world-class team of engineers offer system checkups, where we conduct a thorough, independent performance, architecture and code review. We’ll help you improve the current performance of your system and prevent future performance issues.

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Our team will provide a comprehensive report with clear and in-depth recommendations for the improvement of your system. This includes feedback and advice on:

We provide recommendations to ensure your system utilises OTP to the fullest of its capability. This is particularly useful in future proofing your system and preparing for unexpected spikes in usage.

We identify potential bottlenecks (and set out our recommendations on how to remove or work around them) and other issues likely to affect your system’s performance when it’s called upon to operate at scale.

Any styling issues that exist in the code based will be identified with recommendations on improvement. The earlier these are found and resolved, the less time and effort it will take as the code base expands.

Sometimes even if the code compiles, the code generated is not correct and does not do what it is supposed to do. We test, analyse and report back on the correctness and performance of your code.

We provide recommendations to ensure your system makes the most of pattern matching and the functional nature of your chosen technology.

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One of our engineers will conduct your code review with full access to recommendations, guidance and support from the rest of the team. We work with start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises to help them achieve their missions through the use of the best technical tools for the job at hand.

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I spoke with two CTOs I know who utilize Erlang and they both recommended Erlang Solutions. They were able to come in with their expertise, help us establish best practice and give us confidence that going forward our systems would be efficient and reliable.

Dave Marks

Working together with Erlang Solutions, and the MongooseIM team was a great example of what a best of breed tech partnership can achieve. Their expertise in building resilient, fault-tolerant backend architecture created the foundation for a project that truly exceeded the expectations of our client

Matt Brooke-Smith

Working with our R&D partners, Erlang Solutions, was a very rewarding experience. The POA Netstat Agent exceeded our expectations and the team really went the extra mile to deliver this! When it comes to Elixir development, we highly recommend Erlang Solutions.

Igor Barinov

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