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Erlang Solutions is proud to be part of the Trifork Group. Trifork is a fast growing software innovation company with its HQ in Switzerland and a mission is to Humanise Technology across: FinTech, Cloud Operations, Cyber Protection, Digital Health, Smart Building & IOT and Smart Enterprise. Partnering with the broader group allows us to solve an even greater range of complex problems. Trifork employs almost 700 passionate and talented people in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Hungary, Poland and the US.

Code Sync

Code Sync is a family of tech conferences founded by Erlang Solutions. It is a brand that consolidates the conferences that we have been running since 2008. The creation of the Code Sync family of tech conferences is part of the commitment we have made to our community to ensure there is a vibrant space for developers from academia and industry to share, learn and inspire.


As the world’s leading provider of Erlang and Elixir solutions, Erlang Solutions has a strategic partnership with Humio to provide complete observability from streaming logs in real time, self-hosted or in the cloud, we collaborate to help customers across Europe understand and explore complex IT environments and keep them secure.


Erlang Solutions is an official reseller of EMQ x, the world’s most deployed open source IoT message broker. As EMQ x is built in Erlang, our expertise is uniquely placed to help customers set up and maintain success with largely distributed, highly available IoT solutions.

Elixir Conf EU

Erlang Solutions and the extended Code Sync Team, in collaboration with Elixir Conf, run Europe’s premiere Elixir users conference. Every year, we showcase the best speakers, the latest case studies and most exciting new frameworks at a conference that aims to further the adoption of Elixir.

RE2 Programming

RE2 Programming is an IT training organisation dedicated to helping developers in the Asian market reap the benefits of the BEAM. We partner with them to provide our world-class expertise in the BEAM and online training to continue to fuel growth in the BEAM community in South East Asia.

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