Highly scalable, fault tolerant, never-crash IoT networks

Are you struggling to find the solution you need for your IoT network? We’re here to help. We offer an end-device and gateway hardware and software platform that supports functioning in a range of scenarios and use cases

The ultimate IoT platform

  • Technology designed to handle high volumes of concurrent users and used widely in some of the world’s most famous tech platforms
  • Runs efficiently on smaller devices, overcoming the technical challenge of creating and operating IoT networks in very small and power-constrained scenarios
  • Full interoperability – works easily with existing systems and legacy applications to access the data it needs
  • Cost efficient – built only to meet your exact needs and with a significantly reduced code base for fewer vulnerabilities, reduced physical infrastructure and an easier system to maintain
  • Designed for you – this is a bespoke solution tailored exactly to what you need and won’t require any compromise to your technology stack or business goals
  • Built on open-source technology giving you the freedom and flexibility for future needs. No technology handcuffs and no long-term licence fees
IoT & Connected devices brochure

Empower your IoT ecosystem with our full-stack IoT platform for guaranteed scalability, concurrency & fault tolerance. Ideal for distributed networks controlling high numbers of IoT devices, where downtime isn’t an option and the capacity to scale is a must.

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