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We’re committed and active community members

We’re passionate about Erlang, Elixir and BEAM based technologies, and proud supporters of open source. We’re always excited to share our expertise and partner with like minded companies and individuals to grow the Erlang Ecosystem and the community. Explore this page for open source packages to download, webinars, blogs and upcoming events.

Who’s using Erlang
& Elixir and why?

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Erlang success stories

Cisco, Ericsson, Klarna, Goldman Sachs, Solaris Bank, Brex and WhatsApp all use Erlang. Francesco Cesarini, our Founder and Technical Director, explains what they’re using it for and the benefits they’re seeing.

Developer Support

Elixir success stories

Pinterest, the Financial Times, Toyota Connected, PepsiCo all use Elixir, just to name a few. Manuel Rubio, one of our Senior Developers looks at some of the high profile examples of Elixir and what results these companies are getting.

José Valim Discusses Project Nx and Machine Learning at Code BEAM V

The Nx project has been released to the world at Lambda Days conference. It is the latest project from the creator of Elixir, José Valim, and deals with numerical computing and machine learning in Elixir. Join us at Code BEAM V 10-12 March where José will be telling us more and answering your questions.


We’re proud partners of ElixirConf EU and the Code Sync family of conferences. We seek to spread the culture of Share. Learn. Inspire. to help grow the BEAM community by creating conferences around the world and online. Discover what we have coming

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erlang and elixir conference


We’re passionate supporters of the open source community. Our open source packaging is available for Erlang, Elixir, MongooseIM and Riak.

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Our monthly webinars are technical deep dive demonstrations with the communities most influential figures. Head to our webinar page to learn what we have coming up.

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Home Training

Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

We’re proud sponsors of and contributors to the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. Together, we aim to aid more developers and companies experience the benefits of languages on the BEAM VM.

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Upcoming events

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RabbitMQ Summit 2021 – Virtual Conference

Hear about the case studies, success stories and development strategies from the world’s biggest companies, who are using RabbitMQ, the world’s most deployed Open Source Message Broker.

Code BEAM V Europe

Code BEAM V Europe will be held at Central European Time (CET) at a time to suit attendees across Europe. As always community and social interaction will be at the core of the event to enable everyone to connect and interact to share the same experience as with our physical conferences.

Latest webinars

Elixir OTP Design Lessons from Hardware.

In first webinar of 2021, Bruce Tate joined us to demonstrate how to build a binary clock in Elixir. The webinar also provides an example of how to think in

Get more out of OTP with GenStateMachine

Bruce Tate hosts a live coding webinar demonstrating how to implement a safety protocol using GenStateMachine.

Erlang Solutions' blog

Modern Log Management Enables Observability at Scale for Complex Systems

Are you having a hard time pinpointing errors as they arise? With distributed systems and complex environments, it’s more important than ever to be able to understand what’s happening, and identify the root-cause of an issue in real time. This is even more crucial when your systems need to scale quickly or handle traffic spikes efficiently.

Latest from the blog

fintech telco blog post

Lessons FinTech Can Learn From Telecom – Part One

Many lessons learnt from the telecoms industry can be applied to Fintech. And Erlang/Elixir/OTP technologies have a case as the right tool for the job.

Erlang Solutions' blog

Erlang Solutions partners with Cockroach Labs

A new tool for end-to-end scalability build for resilience.

Erlang Solutions blog

The Future for Erlang Solutions

Our Founder and Technical Director, Francesco Cesarini, shares our vision for the future and reveals our refreshed brand.