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https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/understanding-processes-for-elixir-developers/ We’re passionate about Erlang, Elixir and BEAM based technologies, and proud supporters of open source. We’re always excited to share our expertise and partner with like minded companies and individuals to grow the Erlang Ecosystem and the community. Explore this page for open source packages to download, webinars, blogs and upcoming events.

Who’s using Erlang
& Elixir and why?

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Erlang success stories

Cisco, Ericsson, Klarna, Goldman Sachs, Solaris Bank, Brex and WhatsApp all use Erlang. Francesco Cesarini, our Founder and Technical Director, explains what they’re using it for and the benefits they’re seeing.

Developer Support

Elixir success stories

Pinterest, the Financial Times, Toyota Connected, PepsiCo all use Elixir, just to name a few. Manuel Rubio, one of our Senior Developers looks at some of the high profile examples of Elixir and what results these companies are getting.

Technology Trends in Fintech 2022 white paper

What you will learn:

  • 5 technology themes for financial services in 2022
  • Tips for a successful tech strategy in financial services
  • How to build a successful fintech team
  • Which technologies are changing the competitive landscape


We’re proud partners of ElixirConf EU and the Code Sync family of conferences. We seek to spread the culture of Share. Learn. Inspire. to help grow the BEAM community by creating conferences around the world and online. Discover what we have coming

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We’re passionate supporters of the open source community. Our open source packaging is available for Erlang, Elixir, MongooseIM and Riak.

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Our monthly webinars are technical deep dive demonstrations with the communities most influential figures. Head to our webinar page to learn what we have coming up.

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Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

We’re proud sponsors of and contributors to the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. Together, we aim to aid more developers and companies experience the benefits of languages on the BEAM VM.

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Lambda Days

Lambda Days 10th-anniversary edition! Let’s celebrate together this one-of-a-kind experience in the functional world.

Code BEAM Europe

The Erlang and Elixir conference arrives in Berlin! Conf: 19-20th October/ Tutorials 17th-18th October Estrel, Berlin and online Bringing the Erlang and Elixir communities together to learn, share and be inspired.

RabbitMQ Summit

Join the Summit and discover the latest advancements in messaging technology! We bring together developers and IT professionals interested in RabbitMQ, the most widely deployed open-source message broker, used by over 35,000 companies worldwide, a leading implementer of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), as well as supporting a host of other protocols, including MQTT and STOMP. You’ll hear from industry experts who share their insights and best practices for implementing RabbitMQ in your organisation.

Latest webinars

Erlang Solutions' blog

Webinar – Creating an Elixir machine learning module for a monitoring and maintenance platform.

Erlang Solutions' blog

Webinar – Using Erlscripten to transpile Erlang to Javascript

Erlang Solutions' blog

Webinar – Scalable, bulletproof distributed SQL databases made easy with CockroachDB

CockroachDB combines the benefits of familiar, relational SQL—consistency and reliability—with those of NoSQL—easy scale and global reach. It’s architected from the ground up as a cloud-native database, prepared to handle

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Here’s why you should consider investing in RabbitMQ during a recession

In times of economic uncertainty, making wise tech investments into systems such as Rabbit MQ can be a valuable asset to your business in the long-term.


Entendiendo procesos y concurrencia

Bienvenidos al segundo capítulo de la serie “Elixir, 7 pasos para iniciar tu viaje”.  En el primer capítulo hablamos sobre la máquina virtual de Erlang, la BEAM, y las características

Understanding Elixir processes and concurrency

Lorena Mireles is back with her second instalment of the “Elixir, 7 steps to start your journey” series.