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Jens Lundberg, Head of Development @ Kivra
‘We have a long-term collaboration with Erlang Solutions and they are our preferred partner since they are the driving force in the Erlang/Elixir community and they give us access to world-class technical skills and knowledge.’

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Armin Deliomini, Team Lead at Runtastic
‘Erlang Solutions was very responsive, top quality – the report, consultant, project management. It was exactly what we needed. Thx again!’

Dave Marks, Senior Engineering Director at Bleacher Report
‘I spoke with two CTOs I know who utilise Erlang and they both recommended Erlang Solutions. They were able to come in with their expertise, help us establish best practice and give us confidence that going forward our systems would be efficient and reliable.’

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Here is how TeleWare utilised MongooseIM for their seamless integration and robust out-of-the-box features.


TV4 leveraged fault-tolerant Elixir programming language for seamless operation, sustainability and a future ready system.


æternity scaled its distributed system and peer-to-peer network using Erlang, aiming for fault tolerance and support for billions of users.

payments app


Discover how MongooseIM served as the ideal versatile communication solution for mobile payments customisation.


Learn how MongooseIM delivered highly efficient and scalable messaging performance for Beekeper.

Healthtech Success Story

Transforming a major healthcare provider by enabling them to update their legacy systems to a futureproof solution.


200 million digital documents for 37.000 companies annually! Kivra ensures secure and reliable delivery of digital financial and personal information. We worked together to improve the speed documents can be sent and received and to expand their product offerings faster than ever before. Read the full case study to find out how.


Learn how we reduce code complexity and helped bet365 increase the number of users supported on a single node by 10x.

Bleacher Report

Scoring outstanding results with Elixir – discover how we supported one of the largest sports website in the world with migrating their system from Ruby to Elixir.

We are the world-leading experts in resilient, fault-tolerant and scalable technologies. We offer solutions for the concurrency demands of modern computing. We are trusted by:

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