Seamless Transformation: TV4’s Broadcasting Evolution


Unifying strengths in the streaming arena

TV4, a prominent Nordic broadcasting company, faced a pivotal challenge in consolidating user information spread across multiple databases into a singular, competitive streaming platform. With the growing dominance of major streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus, TV4 needed to enhance its platform’s competitiveness. The migration also aimed at catering to the needs of advertisers, ensuring flexible ad space, and unifying the brands of TV4, C-more, and MTV(Finnish channel) for a seamless user/authentication experience.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Erlang Solutions. They have become our trusted partner for all things Erlang/Elixir. We are extremely satisfied with their quality of work, seniority, and technical expertise which has helped us create a trusted hybrid streaming service for our customers.”

Kristian Saebdal Head of Integrations Development, TV4

Millions of subscribers, zero downtime

In a monumental achievement, the Erlang Solutions team successfully migrated millions of subscribers from an external service to a user management application with zero downtime. Recognising the integral role broadcasting plays in society, the approach prioritised resilience to cyber threats. The expectation was clear – the platform should just work. Meticulous execution ensured an uninterrupted service during the migration, providing the resilience TV4 needed.

Executing one of the world’s largest migrations with zero downtime demanded a robust technological foundation. Leveraging the Elixir programming language, known for its fault tolerance and efficiency on the BEAM virtual machine, delivered a seamless transition. The language’s unique features allowed for efficient maintenance and continued operation without faults, guaranteeing a project of this scale would function effortlessly.

Reducing footprint, increasing efficiency

Beyond immediate benefits, TV4’s migration also contributed to sustainability. The language’s inherent efficiency translated into reduced server consumption, aligning with environmental consciousness. 

Elixir’s ability to operate on fewer servers led to a significant reduction in infrastructure costs for TV4, reflecting a commitment to sustainability in managing the broader infrastructure during the migration.

TV4’s future-ready broadcasting landscape

The collaboration between TV4 and Erlang Solutions has not only consolidated user data but has fortified the broadcasting giant’s position in the competitive streaming market. The seamless migration of 5 million subscribers, the adoption of Elixir for efficiency, and the focus on sustainability underscore TV4’s commitment to a future-ready broadcasting landscape. 

As TV4 continues to evolve and adapt, the successful execution of this transformative project sets a benchmark for resilience, efficiency, and sustainability in the broadcasting industry.

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