Log management with real-time streaming observability.

Humio log management sea cave

Empower your team with complete observability of your system, provided by streaming logs in real time with the ability to be self-hosted or in the cloud.

We can help you build scalable communication systems specific to your needs, so you can start small and grow to match your ambition and imagination. Whether you have thousands of users or billions, we’ll make sure they get the message.

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The features and benefits of Humio

Discover how Humio’s massively scalable, live-streaming log management can help your team.

Perfect for large, complex systems.

Humio offers a number of features that are unique requirements of enterprise systems, these include high availability and fault-tolerance.

Shareable live dashboards

Easy-to-use intuitive live dashboards to visualise your system. Dashboards can be customised based on a wide variety of widgets and shared across teams.

Query administration

The Query administration allows you to understand which quotas are using resources, and query quotas to ensure the efficiency of your system.

Data Compression

Humio offers between 5-15x more data compression this allows you to retain more vital information without increasing your hardware demands.

Bucket Storage

Bucket storage can be used for real-time speed and infinite retention to provide persistent data.

Alerts and webhooks

Create notifications and webhooks and be alerted in under a second when your system matches the criteria you set. This allows for instant proactive fixes to any potential issues.

Free-text search

Humio provides blazing fast free-text search on any data without indexing allowing you to find logs on whatever you need, whenever you need it.

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