How ChatGPT improved my Elixir code. Some hacks are included.

Ever wondered the impact ChatGPT can have on your Elixir code? Oleg Tarasenko has put the AI tool to the test and shares his interesting results.

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Here’s why you should consider investing in RabbitMQ during a recession

In times of economic uncertainty, making wise tech investments into systems such as Rabbit MQ can be a valuable asset to your business in the long-term.


Entendiendo procesos y concurrencia

Bienvenidos al segundo capítulo de la serie “Elixir, 7 pasos para iniciar tu viaje”.  En el primer capítulo hablamos sobre la máquina virtual de Erlang, la BEAM, y las características

Understanding Elixir processes and concurrency

Lorena Mireles is back with her second instalment of the "Elixir, 7 steps to start your journey" series.

MongooseIM 6.1: Handle more traffic, consume less resources

With the introduction of arm64 Docker containers and the new C2S process handling implementation, MongooseIM is now more performant, cost-efficient, extensible and robust.

Re-implement our first blog scrapper with Crawly 0.15.0

Oleg is back with a blog scrapper update! A lot has changed in four years, including our blog design. Check out his recent tutorial on the update, with insight into the newest Crawly features.

Optimización para lograr concurrencia: comparación y contraste de las máquinas virtuales BEAM y JVM

En esta nota exploraremos los aspectos internos de la máquina virtual BEAM o VM por sus siglas en inglés (Virtual Machine). Y haremos una comparación con la máquina virtual de Java, la JVM.

You’ve been curious about LiveView, but you haven’t gotten into it

As a backend developer, I’ve spent most of my programming career away from frontend development. Whether it’s React/Elm for the web or Swift/Kotlin for mobile, these are fields of knowledge

Captura de datos con Postgres y Elixir

La captura de datos es el proceso de identificar y capturar cambios de datos en la base de datos. Con captura de datos, los cambios en los datos pueden ser rastreados casi en tiempo real, y esa información puede ser utilizada para apoyar una variedad de casos de uso, incluyendo auditoría, replicación y sincronización.

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5 Key Tech Priorities for Fintech Leaders in 2023

The fintech industry is a major disruptor. Each year, it impacts how consumers interact with financial companies and brings new and innovative means to meet ever-growing customer expectations and occupy market space.