Advent of Code 2023

We're back with Piotr and solving all the Advent of Code puzzles in Erlang. Get ready as we share our daily updates throughout December.

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Reimplementing Technical Debt with State Machines

Nelson explores the essential skill of managing complexity in software development. Delving into the often-overlooked power of the humble state machine, he unveils its key role in simplifying intricate systems.

The Power of Green Coding: Erlang and Elixir Leading the Charge

In the era of the green revolution, Erlang and Elixir languages are helping industries reduce server consumption and minimise environmental impact. Here are some industry examples demonstrating this.

The Future Trends of Sustainability in Programming Software

Cara spotlights the key programming sustainability trends of today, with a particular focus on aspects such as eco-friendly coding and sustainable software architecture.

Erlang Security Audit

We're launching the Erlang Security Audit during Cybersecurity Month to enhance code protection and address potential vulnerabilities.

MongooseIM Health-Check

MongooseIM Health Check is the solution for businesses looking to maintain peak performance in the evolving digital landscape.

tryMongooseIM: MongooseIM is now easier than ever!

Introducing tryMongooseIM, the efficient, simple way to further explore and level- up your MongooseIM capabilities.

Type-checking Erlang and Elixir

Ahead of CodeBEAM 2023, Radek takes a more in-depth look at the present state of type checking on the BEAM.

Introducing Wardley Mapping to Your Business Strategy

By taking into account both evolution and value, Wardley Mapping can be an effective decision-making tool across a variety of different senior business environmets.

Our experts at Code BEAM Europe 2023

Here's a taste of what to expect from our experts at this year's Code BEAM Europe 2023.