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The Future for Erlang Solutions

Our Founder and Technical Director, Francesco Cesarini, shares our vision for the future and reveals our refreshed brand.

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Lessons FinTech Can Learn From Telecom – Part One

Many lessons learnt from the telecoms industry can be applied to Fintech. And Erlang/Elixir/OTP technologies have a case as the right tool for the job.

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Erlang Solutions partners with Cockroach Labs

A new tool for end-to-end scalability build for resilience.

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How to ensure your Instant Messaging solution offers users privacy and security

How MongooseIM offers privacy by default and control by design.

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FinTech Client Case Studies – Erlang Solutions and Trifork

Trifork with Erlang Solutions are developing world-leading FinTech solutions. Learn more about innovative open banking platforms, blockchain solutions combining machine learning and AI.

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Two-factor authentication in your crypto wallet: are you safe?

Does multi-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) in addition to your username and password secure your crypto wallet?

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Introducing Caramel – An Erlang Backend for the OCaml compiler that provides a fast type-checker for BEAM-based technologies

How this exciting new type checker can help your team.

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Erlang Solutions partners with RE2 Programming to deliver Erlang, Elixir & RabbitMQ Online Training and to Grow the Community in South East Asia

Our partners for IT training dedicated to helping developers in Asia.

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How to use Lua for flexible configurations in Erlang and Elixir

A step-by-step guide for using Lua for flexible configs in Erlang & Elixir.

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What’s new in MongooseIM 4.0 – The friendly Mongoose

Hello from the team at MongooseIM It’s been busy four months. As most of us were locked in our homes, we decided to put it to use and prepare a