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The route to the successful adoption of non-mainstream programming languages

Lessons from adopting Erlang and Elixir
By Francesco Cesarini and Mike Williams

A guide for those who believe that a "niche" programming language is the right tool for the job. Make it work in the long term for you and your team.

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Whitepaper - Adopting on-mainstream programming languages | Erlang Solutions

Erlang vs Elixir vs Go

How do they measure up

See how Erlang, Elixir, and Go's strengths compare in the respect to the programming languages' concurrency, reliability, scalability, complexity, garbage collection, virtual machines, and developer onboarding.

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Infographic - Erlang vs Elixir vs Go - Erlang Solutions Insights

Boost your engine growth with chat and social value

Lessons learned from helping businesses grow their apps

Instant messaging or chat is a constantly self-reinventing universe. In this eBook we focus on businesses who are building chat apps and apps with chat.

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whitepaper - Boost growth w chat social value - Erlang Solutions Insights

RabbitMQ operations & maintenance using WombatOAM

WombatOAM as an optimal operations & maintenance tool for RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is one of the most widely used message-oriented middleware solutions and plays a vital role in the intercommunications of network connected software applications. Get tips on how to meet the OAM requirements of RabbitMQ whilst providing much less strain on the RabbitMQ nodes.

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WombatOAM RabbitMQ Whitepaper book landscape Nov 2017 4

Guide to handling massive spikes & loads

How can operators efficiently scale up and back down again?
Based on the insights and experiences from industry insiders

Big events are the bread and butter of the Gaming industry. Tentpole events like The Grand National and The FIFA World Cup require the infrastructure to take the load and then cost and resource to efficiently scale back down again.

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A Guide to Massive Spikes & Loads - Landing page

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