Welcome to our new blog!!

by Francesco Cesarini

Sharing has always been a big part of Erlang Solutions’ core value as a company, but for some reason we never got around to blogging. Maybe because we felt the Erlang community already had that covered. There are a lot of great Erlang bloggers out there, and they have been doing a great job at spreading the word to new users whilst aiding existing ones. If you have missed them, have a look here and here.

From our end, we have been active organising and speaking at conferences, meetups, workshops and tutorials, giving lectures at universities, and hosting hackathons. Quite a few of us contribute to academic papers, journal entries, chapters and in some cases, even co-author books. But as Erlang Solutions keeps growing, we’re finding these channels aren’t enough to share everything we have to say. We work on diverse and often groundbreaking software systems, we develop our own products, and we participate in research projects – all these things expand our view on how Erlang is used, and what the future might hold. Our new website is the perfect excuse to give everyone at ESL a platform to continue the tradition of sharing, both amongst ourselves and with anyone that may be interested in what we’re keeping ourselves busy with everyday. Better late than never!

We’re going to write about Erlang/OTP and a range of related topics, such as: how the Erlang ecosystem is opening up to new users; Elixir; Lisp Flavoured Erlang; Riak; RabbitMQ; Phoenix; the Internet of Things; XMPP and beyond. We’re also going to write about technology in general, development tools and practices, new products and tools within our company, and our developers will share their personal projects and preoccupations.

So if you’re an existing Erlang developer, or interested in Erlang and Elixir, or simply want to find out more about ESL and what we’re all about, keep an eye on this blog. We’re open to suggestions, so join in the discussion in the comments, and tell us what you’d like to hear about.

See you soon, Francesco

Founder and Technical Director

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