Thinking of adopting Erlang or Elixir? Think you have the right use case? Concerned about selling a new technology to management and operations? Come speak to the Erlang Solutions crew at OSCON on 22 July.

Regardless of whether your company is using a proprietary system or Erlang based open source tools, and needs more visibility and a provision to integrate with your existing OAM infrastructure, this is a great opportunity to learn what difference WombatOAM can bring to your organisation.

ElixirConf 2014, the premiere conference for Elixir, will be held in Austin, Texas, July 24-25. Francesco Cesarini and Robert Virding will be featuring as speakers.

Leapsight Semantic Dataspace (LSD) is an in-memory, distributed, deductive, semantic database that enables your business to capture, store and search highly-connected data in an RDF-inspired relational graph model. If you are looking to implement a NoSQL database, this webinar is a great opportunity to learn what difference LSD can bring to your business.

The new MongooseIM 1.4 includes a number of improvements ensuring better message delivery, safer user authentication and up to date browser client creation.

Written by Francesco Cesarini and  Steve Vinoski, this hands-on book will teach you how to apply OTP libraries and techniques to develop concurrent, fault-tolerant systems with no single point of failure.

Torben Hoffman our CTO  will present the main features of Erlang and how to create massively scalable as well as reliable systems. Besides looking at WhatsApp's usage of Erlang, the talk will also give an overview of how it is used in gambling, ad serving and online news sites.

Erlang Solution founder and Technical Director Francesco Cesarini will talk at CodeMotion Rome on 11 April. 

'Every year, the Factory attendance steadily increases; around 80% of the attendees are returning and 20% are new. A few hundred people attended last week’s Erlang Factory, which set a new record. The technologies ranged from messaging applications like Whisper and WhatsApp to gaming companies like MachineZone, and Basho, provider of distributed database software. The attendees were visibly excited, especially at the heavily anticipated talks given by WhatsApp engineers Rick Reed and Anton Lavrik.'- via read more »

January 2014 marked an important milestone in the continuing collaboration between the University and Erlang Solutions Ltd