Join Basho Product experts as we take a deep dive into the Riak 2.0 features and capabilities.

Erlang Solutions invites you to join our next webinar featuring Brujo Benavides (Inaka's CTO). He'll present an overview of Elvis, he will let you how it works and how it was built. He will also open the discussion about Erlang Guidelines and code styles.

We are proud to announce the release of WombatOAM 1.0., an operations and maintenance framework for Erlang-based systems.

Basho has developed the new Spine database for NHS Spine, which is supported by Basho’s distributed database Riak Enterprise. The NHS Spine is the essential national infrastructure that stores patient information and enables electronic messaging  and has been successfully rebuilt by HSCIC.

The partnership aims to provide consumer-oriented businesses solutions which will enable companies to mass-customise their brand experiences to millions of consumers, across an increasing number of on-line and off-line touch points 

Whisper - the original - and largest - anonymous social network, was built from the ground-up using Erlang in only three months. Erlang significantly reduces development time, providing economies of scale to consumer app companies.

We are very excited to announce that Erlang Solutions is joining forces with Inaka to became one company. 

Megaload is a scalable, high performance load testing tool that provides automatic deployment on cloud environments allowing simulating a massive amount of load to stress the system.

The webinar starts at 4 PM BST on August 21.



Erlang Solutions is happy to be among bet365’s trusted technology partners – and to be able to have a contribution to the success of one of the most innovative British businesses.

Thinking of adopting Erlang or Elixir? Think you have the right use case? Concerned about selling a new technology to management and operations? Come speak to the Erlang Solutions crew at OSCON on 22 July.