"Implementing the mobile messaging gateway" webinar by Marcus Kern VP – Technology, Velti

In the last decade, mobile based marketing and propositions have emerged as a major marketing channel across different industries and sectors. With 70% of the world now owning a mobile, it benefits from a genuine personal connection with individual consumers. Ofcom figures suggest that 97.5% of all mobile text messages are read within 5 seconds of being received.

Mobile messaging gateways help to interface, translate, route and aggregate messaging connections with mobile operators globally and provide a uniform and consistent messaging interface to client applications. Erlang Solution's Buzzard platform (mobile messaging gateway) supports SMS messaging, billing and payment solutions for broadcasters, mobile network operators (MNOs) and social networks. It is designed for the needs of today's mobile content providers and telecom service operators.

Erlang Solutions has successfully created a state of the art Mobile Messaging Gateway with a leading global mobile marketing company. Being one the fastest and most scalable gateway technologies in the market, the solution has been in use for mobile marketing campaigns, interactive messaging and mobile payments to a range of their customers across the media, gaming, telecoms and technology service provision sectors.

Webinar: Implementing mobile messaging gateway for Velti
Date: 21st February, 2013, 4 PM UK time

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Erlang Solutions helped to build and implement a scalable, highly fault tolerant mobile messaging gateway?
  • How this product met the challenges of migration from a legacy system?
  • The engineering challenge of working on the same code base with internationally distributed teams.
  • How this product empowered operational teams to provide more accurate analysis and quicker provisioning times?
  • How on-site technical consultancy can become a catalyst to technology transformation?