On 23 September at 5pm BST Torben Hoffmann - Basho Architect, Erlang Priest and Elixir Alchemist will show you how Elixir can be used to implement the logic for the board game classic Acquire.

Register to get a preview of some of the new capabilities that are landing in CouchDB 2.0.

Join us on Tuesday, June 9 to find out how Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) embraced Erlang development and implementation in the contact center technology industry.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) revolutionised online advertising by offering unparalleled targeting and cost efficiency to buyers and helping web site publishers maximise revenue. In 2013 AOL launched Ma

Our next webinar features Grindr CTO and MongooseIM team leader Michal Slaski in a discussions about the challenges faced, problems solved, and lessons learned when creating a modern XMPP – based chat infrastructure at Grindr. 

Join Dr. Kenneth Tan, Director of Sardina Systems, for an insightful discussion about the challenges of optimising server utilisation.



The first Italian conference on functional programming will take place in Bologna on 28 March. Roberto Aloi will cover Erlang processes, message passing, supervision trees, the let-it-crash approach and more.

The running example will be Conway's game of life, which actually fits Erlang really well and there are some interesting problems in the implementation, that applies to all asynchronous message passing solutions

The autoupdater allows the user to be notified of, download and install Erlang Solutions packages for new Erlang versions as soon as they appear.

Erlang/OTP 17.4 has been released today. Packages for Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and Mac are ready for download.