Erlang Solution founder and Technical Director Francesco Cesarini will talk at CodeMotion Rome on 11 April. 

'Every year, the Factory attendance steadily increases; around 80% of the attendees are returning and 20% are new. A few hundred people attended last week’s Erlang Factory, which set a new record. The technologies ranged from messaging applications like Whisper and WhatsApp to gaming companies like MachineZone, and Basho, provider of distributed database software. The attendees were visibly excited, especially at the heavily anticipated talks given by WhatsApp engineers Rick Reed and Anton Lavrik.'- via read more »

January 2014 marked an important milestone in the continuing collaboration between the University and Erlang Solutions Ltd

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at  4PM - This webinar is a great opportunity to learn what difference Erlang as a technology can bring to Online Betting/Gambling companies.


Erlang is the technology behind WhatsApp's systems. WhaysApp engineers talk about how Erlang's fantastic scalability allowed them to support support millions of connected users per server at the Erlang Factory conference on 6-7 March.

Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 4PM - In Erlang there are different types of concurrent entities, processes, ports etc. This webinar will provide an overview of all the different types and explain, how the Erlang VM decides what should run where and when.


The CC-licensed Erlang Handbook we have been working on for a while has just been released. Your suggested fixes and improvements are welcome. New revisions of this document will be published after major corrections.

Share your Erlang work and experience with an eager audience at the Erlang Factory San Francisco Bay Area. Submit your talk until 11 December!

We are pleased to invite you to the RELEASE Mid-project workshop. RELEASE is an EU FP7 STREP (287510) project. Its goal is to provide a concurrency-oriented solution to build reliable server-based systems running on massively parallel machines. Erlang/OTP has been chosen as the core technology to address this challenge since Erlang/OTP comes with concurrency and robustness designed in. 

Basho, the worldwide leader in distributed systems and cloud storage software, announced that the Technical Preview of Riak 2.0, Basho’s distributed NoSQL database, is now publicly available. This major release introduces new features that improve developer ease-of-use, increase flexibility around consistency, boost search and analytics capabilities, simplify operations at scale, and provide enterprise-class data security. Erlang Solutions a business partner of Basho, a reseller of Riak and provider of professional services relating to Riak.