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Full stack, mobile-ready, real-time messaging platform that is available on-premise or hosted. And it is a modern solution for high-growth Social Media, Gaming, Healthcare and Telecoms sectors.


Operations and maintenance framework for DevOps and developers giving them complete visibility over what goes on across Erlang and Elixir-based systems.

Riak KV

Open source highly distributed NoSQL database that provides great availability, replication and monitoring to business, web and mobile applications


megaLOAD is an easy-to-use, scalable cloud platform specially created for load testing heavy-duty backend services.


Provides OpenStack data centre management and automation designed to meet the needs of enterprise data centres.

Linc & Loom

A standars-compliant passport for OpenFlow. Liberating networks from proprietary interfaces and vendor-specific hardware.


Pain-free testing and bug catching tool for automatically generating thousands of different test cases to verify whether that property indeed holds.


Elvis is a code style checker that can apply common guidelines in your GitHub-hosted Erlang project, by detecting where guidelines are not being met.


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