Cara May-Cole

Cara May-Cole is a UK- based Content Marketing Manager who loves developing strategies and reading up on the latest industry news during coffee breaks.

Cara May-Cole's Posts

The Future Trends of Sustainability in Programming Software

Cara spotlights the key programming sustainability trends of today, with a particular focus on aspects such as eco-friendly coding and sustainable software architecture.

MongooseIM Health-Check

MongooseIM Health Check is the solution for businesses looking to maintain peak performance in the evolving digital landscape.

Pay down technical debt to modernise your technology estate

Technical debt is undermining business performance and costing money. Here’s how to tame it.

What businesses should consider when adopting AI and machine learning

What businesses should consider when adopting AI and machine learning

The effective use of AI is becoming the next great differentiator for business, but many SMEs are confused about what to adopt and how to adopt it.

Future-proofing legacy systems with Erlang

Instead of removing reliable legacy systems entirely, effective use of Erlang can help to improve system performance whilst preparing them for future use.

5 ways Elixir programming can improve business performance

Elixir is a powerful programming language that provides efficiencies at scale. But what can it really do for your business? Let us count the ways.

Blockchain in Sustainable Programming

In our latest post, Cara May-Cole explores blockchain in sustainable programming and its impact on achieving greener solutions.

How IoT is Revolutionising Supply Chain Management

In our newest blog post, we delve into the game-changing potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in supply chain management.

The Business Value Behind Green Coding

As businesses are more focused on measuring Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), it's time to consider the value behind green coding practices.

Sign up for the RabbitMQ Summit Waiting List

The waiting list for Early Bird RabbitMQ Summit tickets is now available. Here's how to get yourself signed up for early access.