Tutorial - Unit, System and Property Based Testing

This course introduces best practices around testing, looking at unit and system tests, introducing mocking frameworks and property based testing.




1 day


Elixir and Erlang developers who want to write better code


Basic understanding of Erlang and Elixir program structures, OTP applications and releases. They should be able to write basic Erlang or Elixir programs.


Have an understanding of different testing approaches and techniques, and when to use them

Know how to use the most commonly used frameworks and tools

Understand the principles behind property based testing


  • Introduction - An introduction to different testing techniques. Unit Testing, System Testing, Continuous Integration, Capacity Planning and other testing Techniques
  • Unit Testing - Introduces Unit testing, code coverage tools, focusing on eunit.
  • Mocking Frameworks - We explain why they are needed, and introduce meck.
  • Property-Based Testing - Introduction to PropEr, and property-based testing in general.
  • Common Test - An introduction to how the system testing and verification with Common Test works.
  • Load - Looks at load testing, back pressure and load regulation. How should systems be load tested, what should you be looking out for, and what do you need to do to stop them from breaking.

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