OTP for Elixir Programmers

  • Expertise
  • Target audience Software Developers, Engineers and Architects
  • Duration 5 half-days
  • Prerequisites
    • Basic knowledge of sequential and concurrent Elixir

So you’ve built and deployed a Phoenix application backed by Ecto and Postgres, and come to the conclusion that you love it. If you are looking at progressing to the next level, this hands-on training for Elixir programmers is for you. It will help you understand what happens behind the scenes when building applications using OTP behaviours. Learn about the battle-tested abstractions needed to build back-end, fault-tolerant systems that will run for years and scale to billions of users. We’ll have plenty of time to work on labs along the way as you hone your skills and put the theory into practice. About half of the class is either lab work or coding side-by-side with your instructor.


  • Have a deeper understanding of how to architect back-end systems and micro-services that you can access and use from Phoenix.
  • Learn why we need behaviours such as Generic Servers, Generic State Machines and others, when to use them, and how to integrate them into supervision trees.
  • Get the knowledge about how to deal with load issues applying some techniques like pooling, circuit breakers or producer/consumer solutions.
  • Get a deeper understanding about how an Application works and how to create them and work together with others.


  • ETS (a Redis in your beam)
  • Behaviours
  • Supervision
  • Generic Servers
  • Task & Agents
  • Generic State Machines
  • GenStage
  • Applications (and the use of Observer)
  • System Principles & Release Handling
  • Release Handling


  • Helps you get over the hurdle of learning how to build systems with OTP
  • Allows you to avoid the pitfalls and borderline cases handled in its libraries
  • A cost effective approach to increasing productivity whilst reducing mistakes
  • Allows you to design and develop systems using the globally recognised Erlang approach
Aleksander Lisiecki
Software Developer at Erlang Solutions

A graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology as a Master of Science in December 2020. He works as an Erlang and Elixir developer at Erlang Solutions and is the winner of correctness prize in Spawnfest 2020. One of the organisers and trainers at School of Erlang.

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