Tutorial Clueful Elixir with Kubernetes

Deploying, running, operating and debugging Elixir and Erlang applications on Kubernetes doesn’t have to be a big deal once you know a couple of basic tricks and patterns. In this one-day tutorial, you will learn to build, deploy, scale and cluster Elixir applications on Kubernetes.




1 day


Elixir/Erlang developers with basic knowledge of Docker wishing to expand their operational ability of running BEAM applications on Kubernetes.)


  • Basic understanding of Elixir applications, releases, distributed Erlang, and Docker.
  • Docker for Mac (edge) installed on their machine (Kubernetes supported out of the box)(preferable), a working Kubernetes instance, or use a provided GKE Google Kubernetes Engine instance.


  • Have a deeper understanding of Kubernetes
  • Know how to operate an Elixir cluster deployed on Kubernetes
  • Know how to set up monitoring
  • Know how to debug issues
  • Know how to template configuration for deployment in multiple environments
  • Techniques for keeping secrets secret

Most of the class will be live coding together. You’ll have plenty of time to work on labs along the way as you hone your skills. About half of the class is either lab work or coding side-by-side with your instructor.


  • Best practice for building docker images of Elixir applications
  • Using distillery for building releases
  • Using libcluster for automatically forming Elixir clusters
  • Integrating prometheus/grafana monitoring
  • Debugging deployment issues * The characteristics of the different kubernetes controllers
  • How to leverage Kube DNS
  • Autoscalling
  • Working with dependencies and private repositories
  • Startup failure and health checks
  • Exposing Kubernetes applications to the internet (GKE)

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