Scaling Elixir and Phoenix

Expertise: Intermediate

Target audience: Software Developers and Engineers, with a focus on providing web-based services

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisities: Prior experience with Elixir and Phoenix (3 to 6 months), familiarity with building web services helpful (i.e. REST interfaces)

Scaling Elixir and Phoenix aka Scale to millions for breakfast


  • How to organise, grow and maintain an application with multiple responsibilities
  • How to test and statically check an application to minimise integration issues
  • How to integrate resilience patterns to provide partial availability despite outages

Course Outline
Students will go through analysis and refactor of an existing codebase to improve decoupling, isolation, testability and resilience. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Approaching an existing codebase (code structure, OTP structure)
  • Basic resilience testing
  • Extracting commands for reusability
  • Type specifications and domain borders
  • Extraction to umbrella layout
  • Effective unit and integration testing
  • Client/Server patterns via adapter
  • OTP and circuit breakers to guarantee availability


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Scaling Elixir & Pheonix

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