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RabbitMQ Expert Training - Online

Expertise: Expert

Target audience: Software Developers and Engineers

Duration: 3 days


  • Good programming skills in another language


  • Understand RabbitMQ underlying fundamentals of Erlang OTP
  • Understand the design and architecture of RabbitMQ
  • Understand how RabbitMQ implements and processes AMQP
  • Understand internal implementation of messaging components (queues, exchanges, etc)
  • Understand how RabbitMQ stores messages
  • Learn how to design, build and package RabbitMQ plugins (hands-on coding of a plugin)
  • Advanced Erlang & RabbitMQ support and maintenance techniques

Course Outline A comprehensive deep dive into RabbitMQ best practices, internal components, design and implementation. This three-day online training contains lots of hands-on and lab work and is more suited for senior engineers. This advanced training will walk you through critical RabbitMQ Erlang/OTP based internals, from aspects such boot procedures to messaging operations and components which are usually hidden from general RabbitMQ users and operators, this training will stretch your understanding of RabbitMQ to the underlying designer and implementer’s perspective. You will also learn advanced operations and maintenance techniques, which will equip you to troubleshoot and fix some of the most complex production issues which may arise on any RabbitMQ installation. The course contains the following topics:

Erlang Fundamentals

  • The Erlang Programming Language
  • The Erlang Shell and Node
  • Erlang Distribution
  • LAB 1: Erlang Nodes
  • Sequential Erlang
  • Concurrent Erlang
  • OTP
  • LAB 2: Build an Erlang Application

RabbitMQ Internal Design & Architecture

  • AMQP processing
  • Connection & Channel Implementations
  • Queue Implementation
  • Internode communication (delegates)
  • RabbitMQ Flow Control
  • Message Storage

RabbitMQ Initialization

  • RabbitMQ Start Scripts
  • RabbitMQ Boot Procedures
  • LAB 3: Node Status

Plugin Development

  • Designing & implementing plugins
  • Packaging and installing plugins
  • LAB 4: Build a Plugin

Advanced Support Techniques

  • LAB 5: Troubleshooting
  • LAB 6: Tracing & Profiling RabbitMQ

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RabbitMQ Expert Training


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