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Our online Erlang, Elixir and RabbitMQ training courses are created and taught by some of the most respected names in the community, including Erlang co-creator, Robert Virding and Erlang Solutions founder, Francesco Cesarini. Each of our expert team of trainers are current industry professionals, who work with some of the biggest companies in the world, on vital in-production infrastructure. So you’ll be learning directly from people who’ve helped build some of the most famous systems in the world. We're adding new online training courses regularly so you can book a seat directly on Eventbrite or get in touch if you have any questions >


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Learn BEAM Training Left

Why should you learn a BEAM based technology?

  • Erlang & Elixir are two of the best paid technologies according to the Stack Overflow survey in 2019
  • As the Senior Software Engineer at Pinterest said ‘Elixir is as fun as Ruby, but it has chops’
  • Learn the secret technology used by companies like WhatsApp, PepsiCo and Nintendo
  • Get an in-depth understanding of technology that channels 90% of the world’s internet traffic
  • Learn a technology that allows you to write cleaner code, and less of it
  • Develop the skills to build systems that scale to billions of users
  • Learn concepts that will make you a better programmer in any language

Learn BEAM Training Right

Beginner to expert - Online training for all skill levels.

All of our current Erlang and Elixir training courses are held 100% remotely. The courses are instructor-led, allowing you to interact with your teacher and fellow students at all times. We provide courses in Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ, OTP, Instant Messaging.

Our current schedule includes a new course every week to ensure that there is something for every level, including beginner classes to introduce you to Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ, OTP or other technologies. Intermediate courses to allow you to build a deeper understanding of the chosen technologies. And, Expert training courses to help teach you advanced techniques.

Why our former students and industry professionals love the BEAM and our training? 

I really like how BEAM properties and features map well to the challenges inherent to software systems. So, as a user of BEAM languages, I feel I can solve most of such problems directly in my main language of choice, instead of having to improvise at the OS level.

Sasa Juric
Developer and Author

The teachers discuss real life project scenarios and how the problems can be solved and the best practices around it. We discussed a lot about the concurrency model, process and supervisors and best parts of Erlang language to solve large and complex algorithms.

Jigna Shah

The instructors have incredible knowledge and experience which they’re always happy to share

Sam Aaron

Inventor of SonicPi

The teachers have such a strong link to the language's beginnings and are able to explain concepts eloquently and accurately. I loved the interactive learning style.

Callam Delaney

Most of the people on the planet are already using Erlang — they just don’t know it. And that tells you how great it is. Common people don’t even notice it — it just works seamlessly.

Yani Malahov
Founder at Aeternity Blockchain

Wow, it’s as fun as Ruby, but it has some chops — it actually performs really well.

Steve Cohen
Software Engineer at Pinterest

Companies using BEAM technologies and hiring skilled Erlang & Elixir developers

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We have a dedicated team of trainers and delivery folks to answer your questions. Looking for another course? We've got your back! We run a variety of short training courses and tutorials, and are always looking for ideas and inspiration. If there is a course you are interested in that we are not offering at the moment, get in touch! Contact us >


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