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Why recruit when you can nurture your own talent? Learning to think a little differently is all it takes to transform a good developer into a good Erlang or Elixir developer. Our accomplished trainers can help your team master Erlang and Elixir. Accelerate your team's growth with the most comprahansive Training courses designed by the industry experts and co-creators of Erlang. 

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Beginner to Expert Path

Our lerners work at the top tech companies out there. We have designed a range of Corporate Training courses together with co-creators of Erlang and industry experts. We guarantee the best delivery of beginner, intermediate and expert courses covering many aspects of the Erlang Ecosystem. We can guide your teams through all the levels and get them certificed. So whatever it is Erlang, Elixir or RabbitMQ, get your team ready, we're coming!

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Grow = retain your talent

Isn't the right time to start investing in your teams and keep the best talent stay to work with you? Or recruiting Erlang and Elixir developers is a bit too time consuming right now? With our Training you can resolve both challenges at the same time. Why recruiting when you can nurture and upskill your in-house talent? 

Pick & Mix

Together with our expert trainers and past clients we have designed a series of courses covering different aspects of the Erlang Ecosystem cycle.

Erlang/OTP training course is one of the most popular courses, but take a look below and see if anything else catches your eye. Get in touch if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, we are a solution provider at the end of the day, and can design bespoke Training if that's what you need. 

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Elixir Programming Training for Beginners - Online

Learn a language with the fun of Ruby and the concurrency of Erlang. This three-day online training is the ideal way to learn the key concepts to set you on your Elixir programming journey. Along with learning the key concepts of the language, you will discover the essential role of concurrency for BEAM.

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Erlang Programming Training for Beginners - Online

Learn the language the carries 90% of the world's internet traffic. This is our online three-day introductory training to learn and practice coding in Erlang. Great for those that need to start working with Erlang and use it in commercial projects. There are a range of follow up courses to up-skill you to the Expert level.

9 mongooseim new name

MongooseIM Training - Online

A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of MongooseIM, from the protocol it is handling, through configuration, installing and running a cluster, to debugging and extending. Combining theory and practical exercises, this course gives a prospective MongooseIM developer or an operator of a MongooseIM cluster a good starting point for further learning.

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OTP Training for Elixir Programmers - Online

So you've built and deployed a Phoenix application backed by Ecto and Postgres, and come to the conclusion that you love it. If you are looking at progressing to the next level, this hands-on training is for you. It will help you understand what happens behind the scenes when building applications using OTP behaviours. Learn about the battle-tested abstractions needed to build back-end, fault-tolerant systems that will run for years and scale to billions of users. We'll have plenty of time to work on labs along the way as you hone your skills and put the theory into practice. About half of the class is either lab work or coding side-by-side with your instructor.

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OTP Training for Erlang Programmers - Online

Learn how to scale your Erlang to billions. OTP is the middleware, libraries and tools used to design and architect Erlang systems. This three-days training covers the main principles, including process design patterns, supervisors, applications and release handling.

10 spanish elixir programming for beginners

Programación en Elixir para Principiantes - Online

Programación en Elixir para Principiantes es un curso introductorio de 3 días presentando conceptos clave en Elixir.

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RabbitMQ Expert Training Fast Track - Online

A one-day online training to take you to the next level! This is a fast track version of the RabbitMQ Expert Training and covers all the theoretical aspects of the three-day course without any lab works.

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RabbitMQ Expert Training - Online

A comprehensive deep dive into RabbitMQ best practices, internal components, design and implementation. This three-day online training contains lots of hands-on and lab work and is more suited for senior engineers.

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RabbitMQ Training Fast Track - Online

Get started in the most deployed open source message broker on the planet. This is a one day fast track training for RabbitMQ beginners. Completed in a single you will get all the theoretical aspects of the RabbitMQ, so you will be up-skilled to an intermediate level.

5 rabbitmq training

RabbitMQ Training - Online

Get started in the most deployed open source message broker on the planet. This 3-day online training will help you learn the basics, from how to install, configure, and develop applications using RabbitMQ.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Architecting Reactive Systems - Online

Online tutorial to learn how to implement fault-tolerant, scalable, soft, real-time systems with requirements for high availability.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Clueful Elixir with Kubernetes

Online tutorial to learn to build, deploy, scale and cluster Elixir applications on Kubernetes.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Distributed Live Tracing - Online

Online tutorial to learn how to use a unique feature of the Erlang VM: Tracing Erlang and Elixir programs in a distributed network.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Distributed Programming with Elixir

Online tutorial to learn the basics of distributed programming on the BEAM.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Ecto: Everything you need to know

This training will take you from zero Ecto knowledge to a happy and proficient Ecto user.


Tutorial Elixir Testing with Devon Estes

In this training we'll quickly recap the basics of unit testing before moving on to some of the trickier tests that we might need to write.


Tutorial From Zero to Hero with Elixir

In this training new Elixir developers will get to lay a firm foundation, presenting all of the core concepts in Elixir.


Tutorial Programming Phoenix with LiveView

Online tutorial to learn how to build a LiveView app, from end to end, one to answer poll questions and see the results on a dashboard.


Tutorial Rebuild Phoenix from Scratch and Develop with Confidence

A mix of both theory and hands on exercise on Phoenix and Ecto libraries.


Tutorial Riak Intermediate

Online tutorial to learn some of the more advanced Riak concepts.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Riak Introductory

Online tutorial to learn the basics of Riak NoSQL database

11 may tutorials

Tutorial The BEAM VM Under the Hood - Online

Everything you wanted to know about the BEAM but were afraid to ask - now ONLINE from the comfort of your home! Through examples and hands on exercises, we will showcase how to manage the BEAM VM in operational environments, optimizing for memory utilisation and performance when using Erlang or Elixir.

11 may tutorials

Tutorial Tracing Elixir in a Distributed Network

In this tutorial, Denys Gonchar will show you how to trace Erlang and Elixir programs in a distributed network.


Tutorial - Unit, System and Property Based Testing

Online tutorial on best practices around testing, looking at unit and system tests, introducing mocking frameworks and property-based testing.


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