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Why recruit when you can nurture your own talent? Learning to think a little differently is all it takes to transform a good developer into a good Erlang or Elixir developer. Our accomplished trainers can help your team master Erlang and Elixir. Accelerate your team's growth with the most comprahansive Training courses designed by the industry experts and co-creators of Erlang. 

Training 2 Corporate

Beginner to Expert Path

Our lerners work at the top tech companies out there. We have designed a range of Corporate Training courses together with co-creators of Erlang and industry experts. We guarantee the best delivery of beginner, intermediate and expert courses covering many aspects of the Erlang Ecosystem. We can guide your teams through all the levels and get them certificed. So whatever it is Erlang, Elixir or RabbitMQ, get your team ready, we're coming!

Training 7 Event

Grow = retain your talent

Isn't the right time to start investing in your teams and keep the best talent stay to work with you? Or recruiting Erlang and Elixir developers is a bit too time consuming right now? With our Training you can resolve both challenges at the same time. Why recruiting when you can nurture and upskill your in-house talent? 

Pick & Mix

Together with our expert trainers and past clients we have designed a series of courses covering different aspects of the Erlang Ecosystem cycle.

Erlang/OTP training course is one of the most popular courses, but take a look below and see if anything else catches your eye. Get in touch if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, we are a solution provider at the end of the day, and can design bespoke Training if that's what you need. 

Training 1

Advanced Erlang Techniques

This two-day course presents some more advanced tools for building and maintaining applications with Erlang. It also gives insight into the tracing tools in the system to support your teams when inspecting and monitoring your systems.

Training 2

Applied Erlang

Applied Erlang is a two-day continuation of the Basic Erlang course, providing complementary pre-requisites to attend the OTP course. Designed specially for teams to grow from beginner to intermediate level.

Training 15

Basic Elixir

Organise an Elixir training for your team and let them discover Elixir's strengths to create software that is fault-tolerant, scalable and deployable in a distributed network. Writing parallel and concurrent Elixir applications is also covered on this course.

Training 9

Basic Erlang

Basic Erlang is a three-day introductory course, providing most pre-requisites to attend the OTP course. Great for teams that need to be introduced to Erlang and to use it at work. We have a range of follow up courses to guide your teams through intermediate to expert levels.

Training 10

Complete Erlang

Complete Erlang is a 5-day intensive course combining Basic Erlang and Applied Erlang. On a completion your team can take an exam and get certified of their Erlang/OTP know-how. Great for their persoanl development!

Training 4

Elixir/OTP Bootcamp

A great way to learn the basics of the Elixir language and concurrency. Your team will learn the details of writing parallel and concurrent Elixir applications and the underlying concurrency capabilities provided by BEAM (the Erlang virtual machine).

Training 11

Erlang Test

This course has been designed for software developers, engineers and testers in mind. During this one-day course, your team will learn how to use test environments from unit tests, up to large-scale testing of whole distributed systems written in many languages.

Training 12

Express OTP

The OTP course covers advanced Erlang features such as design patterns, applications and libraries, giving the participants the ability to develop systems using OTP. Your team would have attended the Complete Erlang or Basic Erlang to enrol into this Intermediate course.

Training 3

(learn you some) LFE

In this one-day course, teams begin by learning the basics of Lisp as it applies to Erlang and OTP; followed by learning how the Erlang concurrency and fault-tolerance are handled in LFE.

Training 17

RabbitMQ Express

Get your team to learn about the main concepts in RabbitMQ in the one-day RabbitMQ Express training course. A beginner course tailored for Software Developers & Engineers, Solution Architects, DevOps.

Training 14

RabbitMQ Workshop

The RabbitMQ workshop is a practical hands-on guide to working with RabbitMQ. Designed to equip teams with practical knowledge and insight into using RabbitMQ.

Training 5

Scaling Elixir and Phoenix

An intermediate course designed for teams with prior experience in Elixir and Phoenix. This course focuses on going through analysis and refactor of an existing codebase to improve decoupling, isolation, testability and resilience.


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We are trusted partners when it comes to delivering world-class Erlang or Elixir training globally. We've worked with many companies who are using Erlang Ecosystem technologies. We also trained teams to help migration into those technologies.

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