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We make things easier. You can now book one of our Training courses at any of the Code Sync conferences too. We usualy organise courses a few days prior or after a conference, so you can enjoy both at the same time!

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Code Sync is a family of tech conferences covering a roster of global Erlang, Elixir and Alternative Tech conferences. The creation of the Code Sync family is part of the commitment we have made to open our conferences to a wider audience and to spread the culture of ‘Learn. Share. Inspire.’ Therefore organising Training courses alongside the conferences was a no-brainer! 

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Our Training at Conferences is organised so the themes of both are aligned. You can expect to see Elixir Bootcamp or Basic Elixir at Code Elixir or ElixirConf conferences. Or RabbitMQ Express and Workshop at our newly launched RabbitMQ Summit. And of course lots of Erlang themed Training at Code BEAM SF or Code BEAM STO. Whatever works the best for you! 
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Stockholm, Sweden
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