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Elixir runs on the BEAM - the same virtual machine as Erlang, providing the same guarantees of performance, scalability and resilience. We have some of the most in-depth BEAM and distributed systems knowledge on the market, providing complex end-to-end solutions to enterprises of all sizes. Elixir’s interoperability with Erlang means we use not only our BEAM expertise, but also the same software skills and knowledge we developed over decades.

Why use Elixir

Elixir fuses the best of Erlang - its runtime, the concurrency model, performance predictability and fault-tolerance, with a powerful extension system and solid metaprogramming. Whether you need to start from scratch or you already have an infrastructure to integrate with, Elixir is a proven, sound technological choice to build software that will adapt with your business and stand the test of time and scale.

Elixir allows you to: 

Move quickly to market with a developed open-source ecosystem and speedy development processes.

Fit the solution to your needs with a flexible platform which seamlessly supports request-response and real time flows without extra dependencies. No more workarounds and near-fits.

Reduce operating costs without sacrificing performance using the BEAM runtime.

Combine the flexibility of Ruby with the power of OTP, the industry-proven BEAM framework used to achieve massive scale and great resilience.

Optimise development costs with best-in-class options for web applications (e.g. Phoenix Web Framework) and embedded software (e.g. Nerves Development Environment).

Leverage a diverse, engaged, and experienced developer community.

Our Elixir offer

Architecture and software development

So you can benefit from Elixir, Phoenix and OTP from the start.

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Skill set upgrade

Adapt your team skill set to the BEAM environment, so that they can be productive as early as possible with minimal disruption.

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Elixir Code Reviews

Show us what you’ve done so far and we'll help you make it even better.

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Elixir Training Courses

From learning the basics of the Elixir language to efficiently scale an Elixir or Phoenix app, we can bring your team up to speed in no time.

Training courses

Elixir/Phoenix Showreel

Have a look through this selection of our Elixir blog posts, case studies, webinars and videos. 

Open Source Elixir Projects


A repository `similar` to Ecto.Repo that maps to an underlying http client, sending requests to an external rest api instead of a database.

See it on github


Server for running Credo on Github Pull Requests.

See it on github


Passwordless login built using Phoenix: you submit an email address and you receive an URL to access the system.

See it on github


STUN/TURN encoder, decoder and client library in Elixir.

See it on github

Work with us

Have an Elixir project you'd like to talk about? We welcome long and short-term contracting and consulting opportunities globally. 

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