Erlang & Elixir training delivered by experts

Our Erlang and Elixir training courses are trainer-led to guarantee the speed and quality of learning.

Our training is created and taught by subject matter experts including the language inventors, published authors and respected names in the community that regularly present on the conference circuit.

Delivered live, online or in-person, our Erlang and Elixir courses enable you to learn from the very best, including Erlang co-creator Robert Virding and Erlang Solutions Founder Francesco Cesarini.

Build a fully-functioning in-house team by learning from the experts

  • Our trainers are all current industry professionals, working on vital in-production infrastructure, so you’ll be learning directly from developers who have helped to build some of the most famous systems in the world
  • Trusted by the largest Erlang & Elixir-using companies to develop & deliver the most innovative implementations globally
  • The world-leading experts in the Erlang Ecosystem with unrivalled depth of technical knowledge of all languages on the BEAM

All courses

Elixir Programming for Beginners

This course is designed to equip you with the foundational skills needed to thrive in Elixir.

OTP for Elixir Programmers

This hands-on training session tailored for Elixir programmers eager to advance to the next level.

Phoenix with Ecto Training

This training equips you with the necessary toolkit to create a standalone web application, covering Phoenix fundamentals, core concepts, testing together with Ecto for hooking up your application with database.

LiveView for Phoenix Programmers

After implementing your first web application using Elixir and Phoenix you are searching for something more. It’s time to make your website interactive.

Erlang Programming for Beginners

This course introduces key Erlang concepts like its functional roots, concurrency, and error handling ideal for developers new to Erlang.

OTP for Erlang Programmers

Learn how to scale your Erlang to billions. Learn the basics of OTP – the middleware, libraries and tools used to design and architect Erlang systems.

BEAM VM Under the Hood

Discover insider tips and tricks for managing the BEAM VM in real-world scenarios, mastering memory utilization and performance optimization with Erlang or Elixir. Get ready for a hands-on experience packed with exciting examples and exercises!

Architecting for Availability & Scalability

Learn how to implement fault-tolerant, scalable, soft, real-time systems with requirements for high availability.

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