We love Erlang, Elixir and... dogs.
And, it turns out you do too. According to Twitter the #1 interest of our community is dogs. So we thought, why not celebrate!

Over the next few months, we’ll be barking about all the amazing success stories that big companies have had using Erlang and Elixir. We’ll also introduce you to the pack at Erlang Solutions and their trusty dogs. There will be memes, Meetups, special webinars and a kennel full of inspiring stories. So stay tuned as we celebrate the top dogs on the BEAM.

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Successful companies using Erlang & Elixir

Learn about why we love Erlang & Elixir.
Hear inspiring success stories from our team, companies and individuals from the community!

Erlang Success Stories

Erlang Success Stories

Cisco, Ericsson, Klarna, Goldman Sachs, Solaris Bank, Brex and WhatsApp - to name only a few companies successfully using Erlang.

Francesco Cesarini, our Founder and Technhical Director, explains Erlang and shares a long list of use cases. 


Explore Erlang's Success Stories > 

Elixir Success Stories

Elixir Success Stories

You could probably visit to get a list of over 400 companies using Elixir - it's a top dog resource!

Or, if you want real insight into how Elixir is used successesfully you could read Manuel's latest blog post


Explore Elixir's Sucess Stories >

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