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Our online Erlang, Elixir and RabbitMQ training courses are created and taught by some of the most respected names in the community, including Erlang co-creator, Robert Virding and Erlang Solutions founder, Francesco Cesarini.

Each of our expert team of trainers are current industry professionals, who work with some of the biggest companies in the world, on vital in-production infrastructure. So you’ll be learning directly from people who’ve helped build some of the most famous systems in the world. We’re adding new online training courses regularly and will be adding physical courses when it is safe to do so. So keep checking back to find a course, time and delivery method that suits you.

View our scheduled courses in the table below or scroll down to see the full list of courses we offer.

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Erlang Solutions' blog

OTP for Elixir Programmers

So you’ve built and deployed a Phoenix application backed by Ecto and Postgres, and come to the conclusion that you love it. If you are looking at progressing to the

Erlang Solutions' blog

BEAM VM Under the Hood

Everything you wanted to know about the BEAM but were afraid to ask! Through examples and hands on exercises, we will showcase how to manage the BEAM VM in operational

Erlang Solutions' blog

Ecto: Everything you need to know

Ecto is Elixir’s database wrapper. If you want to use a database with Elixir, you need to know Ecto. This training will take you from zero Ecto knowledge to a

Erlang Solutions' blog

The Magic of Mnesia

How, and more importantly, when to use Mnesia? A distributed database already included with Erlang OTP, running in the same memory space as your business logic with low latency and

Erlang Solutions' blog

Clueful Elixir with Kubernetes

In this one-day tutorial, you will learn to build, deploy, scale and cluster Elixir applications on Kubernetes. Deploying, running, operating and debugging Elixir and Erlang applications on Kubernetes doesn’t have

Erlang Solutions' blog

Introduction to LiveView

In this full-day workshop, you will learn about Phoenix LiveView. With LiveView, you can build highly interactive applications powered by Phoenix and WebSockets with little to no Javascript. EXPERTISE Beginner/Intermediate

Erlang Solutions' blog

OTP for Erlang Programmers

A 5-day online course on the basics of OTP – the middleware, libraries and tools used to design and architect Erlang systems. About this Event Learn how to scale your

Erlang Solutions' blog

Erlang for Beginners

A course introducing the key concepts in Erlang. They include its functional heritage, concurrency and error handling. The course provides most prerequisites to attend the OTP course and a range

Erlang Solutions' blog

Elixir Programming for Beginners

Elixir was Stack Overflow’s most loved, most in-demand and best paid programming language in 2019. Elixir has many real-world uses that are attracting those in the know to add the