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Riak NoSQL Database Support
We support mission critical Riak applications

Riak is written in Erlang.
We are the Erlang experts.

In contrast to traditional relational databases and other NoSQL databases, Riak is built in Erlang, giving it enormous availability, replication and monitoring – all in a highly distributed deployment.


Don’t leave your Riak deployment unsupported. We’re here to help.


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How can we support you with Riak?

Riak Healthcheck

Get an expert assessment and recommendations for your Riak installation. We'll review your unique use case, architecture, data model, and environment.

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Riak Migration

Get the most out of your Riak installation and migrate from Open Source to Enterprise. Our experts specialise in Riak and NoSQL database migrations. You're in safe hands.

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Riak Performance Review

Identify and execute strategies to meet your performance requirements. Our Performance Reviews pinpoint the root cause of an issue in Riak, the application, your infrastructure, or all the above.

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Riak Development

If Riak falls short for your deployment, we can analyse and consult on the best approach. From there, our Riak experts can develop and customise plugins and features.

Why not go bespoke?

Worldwide Riak Support - 24/7

We've partnered with TI Tokyo to guarantee worldwide coverage for our Riak Support. Our experts are here to support your urgent issues 24/7.

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The Riak Suite

Meet the Riak family of distributed NoSQL databases. The Riak suite offers high availability, fault tolerance, operational simplicity, scalability and is ideal for cloud computing.

Riak KV

Riak KV is a distributed NoSQL key-value database. Perfect for handling Big Data applications, it is a powerful tool for storing massive amounts of unstructured data.

Riak TS

Riak TS is the only enterprise-grade NoSQL time series database optimised for IoT and Time Series data. Ideal for real-time systems that need a reliable, scalable solution.

Riak S2/CS

Store videos, images, and other large objects with Riak S2. Highly available, scalable, and user-friendly, Riak S2 supports large object storage needs.

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Riak Features


Riak has no single point of failure.

Simply scalable

Riak’s scaling is simple and intelligent – you can add nodes to clusters with just a few commands and no downtime.


Because of Riak’s distributed design, even if you lose access to Riak nodes, you won't lose data.


Riak is designed to operate in highly distributed environments, such as the cloud.


Riak's open source technology helps you cut down on the cost of implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

Incredibly stable

Many see Riak as the “building block” of a cloud data infrastructure.

Highly Available

Riak's high availability makes it ideal for read-and-write-intensive web applications.


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