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Your customers are unique, and that means your Instant Messaging has unique requirements. That's where we come in. Our team are world-leading experts, with over a decade's experience in instant messaging technologies. Whoever your users are, we’ll help keep them connected and engaged via an easy to use, reliable messaging solution. We can help you build scalable communication systems specific to your needs, so you can start small and grow to match your ambition and imagination. Whether you have thousands of users or billions, we'll make sure they get the message.

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MongooseIM in the UK’s biggest financial service group

Discover how MongooseIM helps real industry-leaders add value to their services. TeleWare has been helping financial service sector clients connect through mobile services for over 30-years. We helped them evolve their flagship Re:Call product allowing them to better service one of the UK’s biggest financial service groups. Learn more about why MongooseIM was chosen and how we helped team at Teleware. 
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We are trusted Instant Messaging and scalability experts.

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At its simplest, MongooseIM is a free, open source Instant Messaging solution. You can be up and running in minutes on basic hardware, with a single node capable of handling hundreds of thousands of users. The robust IM server delivers a feature rich instant messaging system to market with speed and open standard compliance.

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How can we scale your Instant Messaging solution?


As well as maintaining and developing MongooseIM, our team has over a decade’s experience in Instant Messaging, including protocols such as XMPP, Rest, MQTT and AMQP. We’re experts at working collaboratively with our clients to understand their business requirements, we’ll help guide you to ensure that we identify, plan and deliver a messaging solution that delivers what matters most to you. From privacy compliance and government regulations to specific features required for your target user groups, we’ll help you make it happen, ensuring you get all the features you need without costly, on-going contracts for features you don’t need.


We’re here to help with any extra development needs you have identified. Our team can provide custom development to build features and integration you need that aren’t currently part of MongooseIM. We’re also on hand to help fix scalability, performance or reliability issues in existing deployments. Whether you have a proof of concept you need to improve before putting it into production, or you’ve reached the user limits of a less scalable solution. Our team provides a safe pair of hands to get the job done, to best practice standards, without delay.


When working with large, business critical systems, it’s nice to have confidence that issues can be addressed without delay. We provide a 24/7 support service to ensure someone is always at hand. A functioning chat application can be vital to customer support teams, social media providers and medical technologies. Where here to ensure no important messages go undelivered.


As MongooseIM is a free and open source product, it’s easy to have your team set up and manage on their own. To ensure the best results and to help you create a future proof system, we can provide training to your team. This will give them the right foundations and basic understanding of XMPP and Erlang concepts that will allow them to make implementations, deploy your system, as well as spotting and fixing bottlenecks before they cause problems.

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Our goal is to work with our clients so they can utilise our flexibility and scale as they wish, no matter how complex the needs are.

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What is it like to partner with the MongooseIM team?

Reliable Instant Messaging Solution
No Matter How Many Users You Have

MongooseIM is built in Erlang, meaning scalability comes as standard. Your instant messaging server will be able to handle spikes and loads with ease allowing you to have millions of concurrent users without a problem. 


MongooseIM makes use of the proven and extensible XMPP protocol. And, it’s an open source product. This gives users the freedom to add their own XEP extensions to suit their needs, without any help from us. MongooseIM also offers customers a chat solution with the flexibility to choose the features they require without being locked into ongoing usage contracts.


MongooseIM makes use of the REST API and TOML configuration to allow accessibility to as wide a range of developers as possible. You don’t need to be an Erlang or XMPP expert to manage your MongooseIM deployment.

Full stack and mobile ready messaging

MongooseIM is a feature rich Instant Messaging solution that provides seamless device switching, group chat functionality, inbox functionality and delivery confirmation. All features are full stack allowing your users to have an engaging experience on any device.

Push notifications integration with Google’s FCM and Apple

MongoosePush enables push notifications to be sent to iOS and Android devices, this is particularly useful in fields where timely notifications are a must. It allows users to be informed of messages without being logged into your application.

Voice and Video Call integration

The MongooseICE extension (written in Elixir) allows for MongooseIM systems to share voice, video and media peer-to-peer without placing too much stress on your server-side bandwidth.

End-to-end encryption support

MongooseIM is built with privacy at its core. It supports end-to-end encryption and is fully GDPR compliant, giving you the ability to empower users to choose their own privacy settings. Our applications have been used and approved by regulatory boards in the medicine and financial services industries.

DevOps friendly monitoring infrastructure

MongooseIM offers powerful metrics and monitoring infrastructure that greatly improves DevOps’ visibility for managing systems, regardless of the size of the installation. MongooseIM provides technical metrics as well as business metrics.

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Whether you want to get the most out of your existing Instant Messaging, or get a new set up, our our scalability experts can help you through!

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If you’d like to deep dive into the features, architecture and technical details under the hood of MongooseIM you can visit the technical documentation.

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