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MongooseIM is a platform for building high-performance instant messaging systems. A robust and efficient XMPP platform aimed at large installations, it provides communication for millions of online users in high-growth sectors such as social media, gaming, and telecommunications. Specifically designed for enterprise purposes, MongooseIM is reliable, fault-tolerant, can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines, and can scale easily when more capacity is needed.

The MongooseIM platform made incredible improvements for all, significantly lowering the pain of integration by making it easier and faster. It also lowers the barrier of entry for developers. What's more, it allows the addition of innovative real-time, social features to existing apps. Globally, the MongooseIM platform enables higher acquisition, retention, and engagement, by leveraging high-density, real-time network effects.

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Simple start-up with MongooseIM

You can be up and running in minutes on commodity hardware, with a single node capable of handling hundreds of thousands of users. MongooseIM delivers a fully-featured instant messaging system to market with speed and open standard compliance. MongooseIM’s architecture is based on a set of pluggable modules that enable different features, such as:

Features and functionalities

Seamless integration

Based on the industry-standard XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), MongooseIM enables seamless integration with existing IM-oriented libraries and applications, from single machine to cluster to massive multi-datacenter, from tiny devices to high-end powerful servers.

Pre-built packages

With pre-built packages for Ubuntu/Debian Linux and macOS, you can install MongooseIM and be up and running in minutes.


Horizontal linear cluster scalability comes as standard. Your cluster can be grown and scaled according to traffic profiles and user base and there's no need to redesign the system as customer use increases. Additional hardware requirements are modest. MongooseIM is highly memory-efficient.

Configurable backend

The database backend is configurable. For persistent data, you can choose from MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any other ODBC-compliant database. For transient data, Redis or Mnesia are supported out of the box.

Support for WebSockets

Support for WebSockets enabling bidirectional and real-time communication between the client and server for modern web applications.

Agnostic to message content

At its very core, MongooseIM is a platform for communicating structured data in real time. Data could be in XML, JSON or just plain text – MongooseIM is completely agnostic to message content, so can accommodate different data formats transparently.


MongooseIM works in pairs with iOS and Android libraries. We have contributed the same server features on the Smack and XMPPFramework, so that your development is faster and has higher quality.

MUC (Multi-User Chat) and MUC light

Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045) is the XMPP standard for group chat. MUC light is a modern and simple version fit for contemporary mobile uses. It allows a seamless experience, uninterrupted by network issues. On the server-side, it consumes much less bandwidth, is much more scalable and fault-tolerant.

Message carbons

Message carbons (XEP-­0280) lets you deliver a seamless experience across all devices by letting users view the full conversation on any device that is online.


Over 40 different XMPP-related metrics, allowing close monitoring of what happens inside your MongooseIM nodes.

Open source

MongooseIM is open source under GPLv2 and can be used at any volume without license fees.


Erlang Solutions maintains a team of XMPP experts ready to help you install, run and expand your XMPP-based service. We also have 9x6 and 24x7 support contracts for clients who would like extra assistance with their production systems.

HTTP authentication interface

An HTTP authentication interface makes integrating MongooseIM with other systems straightforward.

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MongooseIM Subscription Plans

You can rely on us in providing the expertise on building, scaling and customising messaging platforms. We've tailored various Subscription Plans for you to decide which one is the best for your needs.

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Feature / Plan Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Nodes Monitored 1-3 4-15 16-50 Unlimited
Run On Premise Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run Multiple installations No No Yes Yes
Include/Ship as Part of your products No No Yes Yes
Monitor Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix/Ecto Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Riak / Rabbit / MongooseIM No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Plugins / Northbound APIs T&M T&M Priority on the roadmap, subject to ESL’s discretion Yes
Influencing Roadmap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elasticity No No Yes, yearly average (max 100 nodes) Yes, yearly average (Unlimited)
Historic Data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Concurrent Open Support Tickets 2 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Response Time (hours) 24 8 4 Custom
Initial Training and Setup (hours) 1 4 8 Custom
Quarterly Product Calls No No Yes Yes
Get more info Get more info Get more info Get more info
Additional Options and Services Available:
  • Custom tech services: site survey (remote), code and architecture review.
  • Custom dev
  • Custom load testing
  • Strategy
  • Additional training

Part of the Erlang-based Ecosystem

We also provide a full management framework to control MongooseIM and a load testing framework to validate your scalability. See our supportive solutions:

An operations and maintenance framework for Erlang and Elixir based systems compatible out of the box with MongooseIM. It provides complete visibility over your system and helps you immediately address and fix problems via monitoring alarms and notifications.

An easy-to-use scalable cloud platform specially created for load testing heavy-duty backend services. It can test the limits and reliability of your MongooseIM installation while it grows to cater to your increasing customer base.

Riak KV
A distributed NOSQL key-value data store that offers high availability, fault tolerance, operational simplicity, scalability and is ideal for cloud computing. Designed for highly distributed deployments, Riak KV works perfectly with even non-standard MongooseIM installations.

An open source message broker software (sometimes called message-oriented middleware) that implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). It enables MongooseIM to pass messages to other backend components in your infrastructure, such as chat messages, push notifications, or server logs.

How to get MongooseIM

We have a dedicated team that specialise in designing, optimising and implementing instant messaging solutions. They are experienced in providing expert advice on building, scaling and customising messaging platforms, and we can train your technical staff and service support. MongooseIM is used by leading gaming, social media and telecoms companies, and has greatly enhanced their productivity and collaboration.

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