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Meet MongooseIM - a highly scalable platform for chatting

Meet MongooseIM - a battle-tested instant messaging platform. MongooseIM is what helps you make sure all these messages are delivered reliably even if you app goes from 1000 to 100 000 users overnight.

We power solutions that bring entertainment, emergency services, personal and professional communication and more to hundreds of thousands of users.


High-performance messaging in minutes

The MongooseIM platform is designed to build high-performance instant messaging systems. It is aimed at large, complex enterprise level projects where real-time communication is critical for business success. Built around proven technologies XMPP/Jabber, the MongooseIM platform provides communication for millions of online users in high-growth sectors such as social media, gaming, and telecommunications. It is reliable, fault-tolerant, can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines, and can scale easily when more capacity is needed.

The MongooseIM messaging platform significantly lowers the pain of integration by making it easier and faster. By offering a REST API (simple, modern and popular with developers) for both backend integration and client/server development, it lowers the barriers of entry for developers. MongooseIM allows the addition of innovative real-time, social features to existing apps. Globally, the MongooseIM messaging platform enables higher acquisition, retention, and referral, by leveraging high-density, real-time network effects.




Proven, Robust and Scalable Technology

Open Source and Open Standards

MongooseIM platform is open source under GPLv2 and can be used at any volume without license fees. Due to its clean and modular design, it integrates easily with pre-existing solutions within a company.

The features you order can be developed in a private repository giving you the sole access to it, or as an open feature - maintained and expanded by the community.

Platform Components

MongooseIM platform consists of multiple software components and extensions, allowing you to select a configuration tailored to your particular requirements:
+ Server: MongooseIM, MongoosePush, MongooseICE, Mongoose-ansible, CLT/Tide
+ Client: Smack, XMPPFramework, Retrofit, Jayme, Mangosta iOS+Android, amoc,
escalus (soon IoT SDK, Mangosta Web).


Over 40 different XMPP-related metrics, allowing close monitoring of what happens inside your MongooseIM nodes.


Horizontal linear cluster scalability comes as standard. Your cluster can be grown and scaled according to traffic profiles and user base and there's no need to redesign the system as the customer use increases. Additional hardware requirements are modest. MongooseIM is highly memory-efficient.


MongooseIM platform is built around proven technologies such as XMPP/Jabber providing high performance, high availability, ease of deployment and development, and reliability in production. While all messaging features are available using the XMPP protocol, it adds a client/server REST API for front-end and back-end integration. This allows building a massively scalable chat system with a very fast time to market and exposing businesses to a wider pool of developers adopting the MongooseIM platform.

Leading Mobile Libraries

MongooseIM enables mobile app developers to build and integrate chat features much faster and more easily into their apps. We have contributed to a number of open source, third party XMPP libraries such as Smack for Android and XMPPFramework for iOS. We offer feature parity between MongooseIM server and Smack + XMPPFramework.

Pre-built packages

With pre-built packages for Ubuntu/Debian Linux and macOS, you can install MongooseIM and be up and running in only 5 minutes without any knowledge of Erlang.


Erlang Solutions has a dedicated team of XMPP experts ready to help you install, run and expand your XMPP-based service. We also have 9x5, 24x5 and 24x7 support contracts for clients who would like some extra assistance with their production systems.

Simple start-up with MongooseIM

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You can be up and running in minutes on commodity hardware, with a single node capable of handling hundreds of thousands of users. MongooseIM delivers a full-featured instant messaging system to market with speed and open standard compliance.

To learn more about MongooseIM you can contact us directly or review further resources: 
Documentation > GitHub > Twitter >

Contact MongooseIM experts

We have a dedicated team that specialise in designing, optimising and implementing instant messaging solutions. They are experienced in providing expert advice on building, scaling and customising messaging platforms, and we can train your technical staff and service support. MongooseIM is used by leading gaming, social media and telecoms companies, and has greatly enhanced their productivity and collaboration.

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