MongooseIM is a base platform for building high performance messaging systems leveraging XMPP. It is designed to provide communication for millions of concurrent online users in high growth sectors such as Social Media, Gaming and Telecommunications. It is highly customisable due to its clean and modular design allowing easy integration with pre-existing solutions within a company.

MongooseIM is truly innovative for building high volume scalable instant messaging solutions, having features specifically designed for enterprise and business purposes.  Being distributed in nature, it allows for high performance messaging. As an open source technology based on industry-standards, it can be used to build bespoke solutions very cost effectively.

In summary, MongooseIM provides high availability, ease of deployment, development, and reliability in production. Our solution is aimed at large, complex enterprise level deployments where real-time communication is critical for business success.


Support of XMPP

  • Compatibility with "Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol" (XMPP), enabling seamless integration with most IM- oriented libraries and applications

Support for WebSockets

  • Enables bidirectional & real time communication between the client and server for modern web applications

Packages for Linux Ubuntu/Debian and MacOSX

  • Allows installing and using MongooseIM with one command in only 5 minutes
  • For other platforms the source code is available

Multi-user chat

  • Enables group chat with implementation of XEP-0045.
  • Exceeds ordinary message communication, for example broadcasting custom feeds.
  • Multi-user chat enables real-time communication in gaming and social media interactions

Highly scalable

  • The cluster can be grown and scaled according to the traffic profiles and user base
  • There is no need to re-design the system as customer use increases
  • Additional hardware requirements are modest

Custom extensions

  • Enables building of custom plugins on top of MongooseIM. Erlang Solutions currently provides an extension to address issues of reliable message delivery in mobile networks

Configurable database backend

  • Support for persistent databases includes MySQL, Postgres and any ODBC compliant databases
  • For transient data, one can choose between Mnesia or Redis