COVID-19 Policy

In light of the recent events regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), Erlang Solutions is doing everything we can to ensure our employees, customers, partners and stakeholders take the right steps in order to minimize the risk of contracting the virus and of passing it on to others. As from 25th March all Erlang Solutions’ offices have been closed to ensure safety of our teams, and all current and upcoming projects and relationships with clients are being managed remotely.

Erlang Solutions is continuously updating our guidelines in order for employees and customers to feel safe, to protect our company & work environment, and last but not least, to ensure that we, as a company, do not contribute to the spread of panic and of the virus itself.
As an overall principle, we as a company will follow the general recommendations of WHO, European Center for Disease Prevention & Control and local authorities.
The guidelines we adhere to are:


1. Hygiene – best practice

– Respect the recommended hygiene measures: wash your hands often and/or use disinfection gel.

– Disinfection gel dispensers are found in multiple common areas at the Erlang Solutions offices.

– Cough and sneeze into your arm/elbow.

– Hygiene posters have been put in place around all Erlang Solutions locations.


2. Sickness

– If you are ill, you must stay at home. Contact your direct manager and agree on the next actions to take (i.e., working from home for a period of 14 days once recovered and taking your temperature twice a day)

– People who have concerns that they may be particularly susceptible to infection, or who need to avoid infection for other underlying reasons, should discuss the possibility of working remotely with their direct managers.


3. Travelling Restrictions

For business on behalf of Erlang Solutions:

– all travel to identified risk areas (China, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, Japan, Singapore, South Korea) have been cancelled (this also includes travels with stopovers in risk areas). Each Erlang Solutions office monitors closely their national governmental advice regarding listed risk zones and travel advice will be regularly updated.

– All other travel activity, especially via airports, will be minimized and converted into online meetings where possible.

– If you have been (privately or for business) in any of the listed risk zones or if you have been in close contact with people from these risk zones, you must stay at home and work remotely for a period of 14 days after your return and take your temperature twice a day.

– Please keep yourself updated on the high-risk list if you plan to travel.


Private travel

The aforementioned points should be adhered to, plus:

– All employees are obligated to share private travel activities with their direct managers in order to decide on quarantine actions (i.e. working from home)

– Consider postponing/cancelling travel plans, especially via airports, and discuss with your direct manager the measures to take in order to reduce risk of infection, if you do choose to travel.


4. Conferences/larger meetings

– Avoid external conferences and other large gatherings (>100 participants).

– On a case-by-case basis, management will decide on the in-house conferences and whether to be present at local events.


5. Internal/customer meetings

– Be mindful of our customers and their internal policies/guidelines.

– As consultants, we often work at our customers’ sites, often for longer. periods of time. Please make sure that you are up-to-date with your customers’ guidelines and follow them at all times – even if they are stricter than our own. Contact the customer if you are in doubt on where to locate their guidelines.

– Whenever you call for a meeting, please consider if the meeting could be online, using Zoom or Skype, etc.

– Take appropriate measurements when physically greeting and congregating with colleagues and customers. (consider waving hello and goodbye rather than hugging or shaking hands).

– Until local authorities recommend otherwise, we don’t see a problem in minor company gatherings as long as sections 1 and 2 are considered.


6. Working from home

– From 12/03/2020, due to the raised state of readiness in an increasing number of countries, all employees not working at customer sites, have been given the choice to work from home or from Erlang Solutions offices. We wish to ensure that not only are employees kept safe (and the potential spread of COVID-19 is reduced), but also that they are able to undertake and fulfil their responsibilities to the customers on whose projects they are working. Guidance has been given to all employees on best practices for remote working.

– Employees working at customer sites will take guidance from the customers as to the actions to be taken in this regard. We are aware that many have already taken such actions and others plan to in the very near future.

Erlang Solutions Locations

Erlang Solutions is present in the following 5 countries and are adhering to the local health authorities’ recommendations on how to minimize the risks in those locations: The United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and the United States of America.

As from 25th March all Erlang Solutions’ offices are closed, and our teams are working with clients and prospects remotely.

If you are a customer, please contact your local Erlang Solutions account manager should you have any questions about Erlang Solutions’ position concerning the risk of infection.