What is Elixir?

We unravel the power of Elixir, a language celebrated for its fault-tolerance and concurrency features. Discover Elixir's syntax, core features, and tap into expert insights to unleash its full potential.

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Blockchain Tech Deep Dive | 6 Principles

Blog series of thinking from Erlang Solutions’ subject matter experts on blockchain technology from software engineering principles to how Erlang and Elixir can help you innovate in the space.

Why Elixir is the Programming Language You Should Learn in 2024

In this article, delve into the reasons why embracing Elixir could be the catalyst for your evolution as a developer in 2024.

A Match Made in Heaven – Transactional Systems and Erlang/Elixir

Lee Sigauke unveils an innovative approach to transactional systems, championing the "let it crash" philosophy of Erlang and Elixir.

What Is the Fastest Programming Language? Making the Case for Elixir

As turnaround times continue to shrink and the innovation expected from developers expands, programming language speeds can become a deciding factor for solution designers. If you’re concerned about speed, Elixir may be the language you’re looking for.

5 Key Tech Priorities for Fintech Leaders in 2024

The fintech industry is a major disruptor. Cara will be exploring its impact for 2024 and what leaders can do to manage expectations and occupy market space.

Wombat OAM

Enhancing the Efficiency of Erlang and Elixir System Management: WombatOAM Now Accessible on AWS Marketplace

Explore WombatOAM by Mohammed Ali Khechine on AWS Marketplace for streamlined Erlang and Elixir system management.

MongooseIM 6.2: Easy to set up, use and manage

Discover MongooseIM 6.2 for streamlined messaging with easy clustering and updated XMPP extensions, enhancing user-friendliness and cost efficiency.

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Reimplementing Technical Debt with State Machines

Nelson explores the essential skill of managing complexity in software development. Delving into the often-overlooked power of the humble state machine, he unveils its key role in simplifying intricate systems.

Advent of Code 2023

We're back with Piotr and solving all the Advent of Code puzzles in Erlang. Get ready as we share our daily updates throughout December.