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MongooseIM 6.1: Handle more traffic, consume less resources

With the introduction of arm64 Docker containers and the new C2S process handling implementation, MongooseIM is now more performant, cost-efficient, extensible and robust.

GraphQL interfaces in MongooseIM 6.0

MongooseIM is a robust, scalable and highly extensible instant messaging server. Recent releases have improved its configurability and opened new use cases, and the latest version 6.0 continues that trend.

MongooseIM 5.1 Configuration Rework

The release of MongooseIM 5.1 has lots of user and developer-friendly new features. Find out more about the teams rework of internal configuration consistent with the TOML configuration file structure.

Dynamic XMPP Domains in MongooseIM

MongooseIM, the massively scalable XMPP server, introduces the concept of dynamic domains for its 5.0 release. Find out more about this exciting new feature in this post.