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RabbitMQ Consultancy

Our experts come into your world. We work with you to optimise your RabbitMQ architecture and design, setup, configuration and deployment. We even resolve ongoing support issues and can work with you to get your FIPS accreditation.


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RabbitMQ Monitoring

If RabbitMQ falls short for your deployment, we can analyse and monitor your nodes and clusters with WombatOAM and consult on the best approach. From there, our RabbitMQ experts can develop bespoke RabbitMQ plugins and feature enhancements.


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RabbitMQ Workshop

Are you interested in developing your in-house RabbitMQ knowledge and skills? Our experts are ready to teach you all about the setup, use and deployment of RabbitMQ. 

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RabbitMQ Health Check

We offer clear and in-depth recommendations covering all aspects of your RabbitMQ deployment, from architecture to setup and integration. Get bespoke advice on RabbitMQ’s benefits and an overview of limitations in your unique use-case.


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RabbitMQ Support

We offer a flexible range and fully customisable support no matter the size of your system. We support everything from setup and bug fixes to the most complex issues around RabbitMQ's code. We're Erlang experts after all!


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We're hiring!

Our team of RabbitMQ specialists is growing. We are looking for an experienced RabbitMQ developer with a background in middleware, PHP, Java, .Net, or Erlang. 

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We are trusted by Pivotal

RabbitMQ is written in Erlang and shares its key features of scalability, reliability, and fault-tolerance.

At Erlang Solutions, we are world-leaders in Erlang/OTP & Elixir development and consultancy. We have been supporting RabbitMQ since its inception where our deep knowledge of the product and its language makes us unrivalled in our RabbitMQ expertise. And the industry agrees. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Our team of RabbitMQ engineers, consultants, architects and mentors are here to help! RabbitMQ speaks in Erlang. Let's talk:  ​+44 (0) 20 7456 1020


RabbitMQ Pivotal

A few words from our clients

Our senior RabbitMQ consultants support Fortune 500 companies with an array of services. 

"It was a very good consultancy. The consultant gave excellent advice for configuring the message queues, and how to avoid and handle partition errors. We have reduced downtime and have a more stable system. The report we received was a real eye-opener."

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It is easy to speak to one of our RabbitMQ experts!

You can call us on +44 (0) 20 7456 1020 or message us >

We will be happy to find out more about your requirements. In the meantime, you can discover some of our recent blog posts, whitepapers and webinars about RabbitMQ, or sign up to our Erlang & Elixir Newsletter. Enjoy!

Join us at the RabbitMQ Summit

Be part of the first RabbitMQ Summit in London on 12 November 2018. The Summit brings together RabbitMQ users and developers from around the world. The line-up of speakers consists of experts in the field of RabbitMQ, from companies as Pivotal, Wunderlist/Microsoft, AWeber Communications, Erlang Solutions, CloudAMQP and more. 

Secure your ticket today! 

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RabbitMQ vs Kafka

RabbitMQ and Kafka are two very different beasts and are best suited to different needs. Ensure that you have the right tool for your system.

RabbitMQ is a battle-tested message broker which is able to support complex routing scenarios and federated queues. At its core, RabbitMQ is AMQP-based, highly reliable, and broker-centric with its focus on message delivery guarantees. It can reliably broker communication and integration within, and between applications running different languages. This makes it best suited for complex systems handling critical information, albeit at a slower rate (20k+/sec) than Kafka.

In contrast, Kafka does not offer delivery guarantees, federated queues or support for complex routing scenarios. But it makes up for this in its speed (100k+/sec), making it best suited for systems whose applications can do most of the heavy lifting, and whose requirements are performance and horizontal scalability. First introduced in 2011, Kafka’s speed and agility come with their limitations. Do you need help figuring out which solution is best for you?


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Learn more about RabbitMQ Operations & Maintenance using WombatOAM
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Optimise your RabbitMQ with our family of products to suit your needs!


WombatOAM gives you a full visibility over your Erlang and Elixir systems, either as a stand alone product or by integrating into your existing infrastructure. WombatOAM ships with a set of pre-built plugins, also developed to be used with RabbitMQ. Available on a trial basis for 45 days.


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This powerful testing tool ensures in-depth testing of your service’s operational behaviour by generating hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. It is an easy-to-use scalable cloud platform specially created for load testing heavy-duty backend services.


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Specifically designed for enterprise purposes, MongooseIM is a platform for building high-performance instant messaging systems. RabbitMQ enables MongooseIM to pass messages to other backend components in your infrastructure, such as chat messages, push notifications, or server logs.


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Riak is highly scalable, fault tolerant NoSQL database built to handle a variety of challenges facing Big Data applications that include tracking user or session information, storing connected device data and replicating data across the globe.


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The Polyglot Rabbit

RabbitMQ is a robust messaging platform for applications that can easily plug into your world. Running on all major operating systems, RabbitMQ also natively supports version 0-9-1 of AMQP.

Best of all, RabbitMQ's plugin architecture was built with flexibility in mind. The result? It easily supports the world's most popular open-source message queuing protocols, such as STOMP, MQTT, and RESTful.

Whether you want to get the most out of your existing RabbitMQ deployment, or set one up, our experts can help you through.


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