Introducing Stream Support In RabbitMQ

Want to know more about stream support in RabbitMQ? Arnaud Cogoluègnes, Staff Engineer at VMware breaks down all there is to know about at the 2021 RabbitMQ Summit.

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Building a Remote Control Car from Scratch Using Elixir

From the car straight to the app on your phone, check out how our America office uses Elixir’s fullstack capability to build a remote control car.

GraphQL interfaces in MongooseIM 6.0

MongooseIM is a robust, scalable and highly extensible instant messaging server. Recent releases have improved its configurability and opened new use cases, and the latest version 6.0 continues that trend.

Change data capture with Postgres & Elixir

CDC is the process of identifying and capturing data changes from the database. Learn how you can achieve that by leveraging Postgres and Elixir.

Advent of Code 2022 – Every Puzzle Solved in Erlang

We're solving all the advent of code puzzles in Erlang. Here's our solutions so far. Don't forget to come back in the future to see the latest solution.

RabbitMQ – An Amazing Message Broker

What is a message broker? What is RabbitMQ? Why use RabbitMQ? Your concerns will be answered by the RabbitMQ team right in the article!

Learning functional and concurrent programming concepts with Elixir

Our latest developer Rhys Davey explains his first-hand introduction to Elixir, and his learnings along the way.

What we expect from Phoenix Framework 1.7

In this blog we look at what we expect and what we hope to see in the upcoming release of Phoenix 1.7.

Pair Programming

Want to know more about pair programming? Our Junior Software Developer John Holt explains what valuable findings he's uncovered implementing this strategy.

Implementing Go Fish to Learn Elixir

Here is how the Erlang Solutions team designed and implemented GoFish in Elixir.