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RabbitMQ is arguably the most popular open source message broker for large commercial enterprises. Every day, tens of thousands of companies, many of which are household names, rely on RabbitMQ to handle their message passing and microservices. In 2019, it was named as the seventh-highest paying tech skill according to Dice’s tech salary report. It is a finding that reflects the size and scope of the companies using RabbitMQ, as well as the importance of the technology to their tech stack.
To make sure you head into 2020 up-to-date with all the latest trends and resources in the world of RabbitMQ, we’ve prepared our highlights from 2019, including stories of releases, conference talks and use case blogs.


RabbitMQ Highlights 2019


RabbitMQ 3.8

The release of RabbitMQ 3.8. was widely anticipated and has received great feedback from the community. The highlights from the release include:
Quorum queues - which provides an alternative to mirrored queues for achieving high availability.
Feature flags - which allows RabbitMQ nodes with different versions to communicate and act cohesively despite the differences in versions.
Prometheus integration - RabbitMQ 3.8 ships with built-in Prometheus integration which enables easy access to monitoring for metrics such as run-time and the state of nodes running on the system. You can read full details on the release at the official RabbitMQ blog.


Scaling financial applications at Bloomberg

There are few bigger names in the finance world than Bloomberg. Their many engineering teams right around the world access a fully-managed RabbitMQ platform. In their talk at this year’s RabbitMQ summit, Will Hoy and David Liu demonstrated how they have built a system that scales to handle billions of financial data requests every day. Watch the talk here.


API Fortress - distributed software architecture

Simone Pezzano, CTO of API Fortress was kind enough to give the world an insight into the way in which they’ve used the actor-model to power a microservices-based massively distributed software architecture. This is an incredibly deep-dive complete with oversized schemas to demonstrate the digital symphony that is their architecture. Read the blog to find out more.


Debugging RabbitMQ

Our RabbitMQ team helps customers from a wide variety of industries, this exposes them to almost all of the unexpected behaviours that one may come across on the platform. Kacper Mentel shared his experience to provide a valuable resource into how to identify the causes of wanted behaviour so that you can improve the performance of your RabbitMQ. Read the blog here.


Moving legacy RabbitMQ applications to the cloud

As serverless environments increasingly become the norm, the challenge of moving legacy RabbitMQ applications to the cloud becomes more and more common. This blog provides one solution that could prove to be a handy resource. Learn more here.


Innovative design patterns in RabbitMQ

Ayanda Dube is a highly respected RabbitMQ consultant and trainer. He delivered his talk at Code BEAM STO to a standing room only crowd. The talk dissects some of the unorthodox Erlang design patterns of RabbitMQ, which are some of the most creative internal design patterns in the Erlang Ecosystem. This is a great talk to help understand what happens under the hood of RabbitMQ. Watch the talk here.


Comparing EMQx to RabbitMQ

Grigory Starinkin works on both RabbitMQ and EMQx projects at Erlang Solutions. In his talk at this year’s RabbitMQ summit, Grigory compared the two MQTT message brokers, giving a detailed summary of their strengths, weaknesses and the kinds of applications each is suited for. Watch the talk here.



RabbitMQ 3.8 was an exciting release that empowers developers with a new option for achieving high availability and new reporting metrics. These features, as well as the Pivotal enterprise offering, which is in development, will fuel the continued growth and adoption in 2020. In 2020, there will be not one but two RabbitMQ summits with the European summit returning for its third year, and the debut of the first-ever RabbitMQ summit in the U.S.A, stay tuned for details on both.


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