MyTopdogStatus by Phuong Van

by Phuong Van

developer with flower headband squeezes a dogs face

Meet Phuong Van, one of the talented developers in our Stockholm office.

Phuong is an Erlang specialist who spent nearly three years working as a consultant on an Ericsson product before joining the Erlang Solutions team. After graduating, she had the opportunity to work in Java, C or Erlang and jumped at the chance to continue working with Erlang.

How did you discover Erlang? I was studying in Gothenburg, Sweden, and in my first year, the first programming language we focused on was Java. In my second year, we did a functional programming course, and as part of that, we learned Erlang.

What is your favourite part of working with Erlang? From the moment I was introduced to Erlang, I found it easier to use than Java which I’d previously learned. The exercises were fun, and I found myself really enjoying reading about Erlang. Making a function work is so much simpler in Erlang. You don’t have to spend as much time and energy defining the right object. Everything is straight forward. I also found all the concurrency exercises I struggled to complete with Java in the first year, were so much easier when I was working with Erlang. In my first job, I was very focused on pattern matching in Erlang, and now I’m getting to explore other amazing parts of the ecosystem, such as working with the OTP library. The language is really versatile, and the libraries are powerful, which makes it fun to work with.

Are there any Erlang trends that you are excited about? FinTech and Erlang seem to be an exciting trend. There are a lot of big banks and new neo-banks using Erlang in their tech stack. It’s exciting for Erlang because FinTech is such a huge, growing space, and it’s excellent for FinTech because Erlang is such an excellent fit for their needs. FinTech has a lot of the same requirements as the telecom industry, the need to handle a lot of processes, with high availability. The need to be scalable and fault-tolerant. That’s precisely what Erlang was built for.

What is your favourite thing about working at Erlang Solutions? The team structure is great for learning. We have monthly E-day’s where we can learn from each others experience which is excellent. There is so much knowledge within the team, I get to sit next to Robert Virding, so I can learn directly from one of the creators of the language, which is cool. Learning is always fun.

And now introduce us to Abbe.


Abbe is my parent’s dog, he’s a labrador, my step-father named him, his name had to start with an A because his mum’s name began with an A. He is such a spoilt child, my mum spoils him. He likes to bark at the wild cats that we feed in our feed garden, he tries to scare them away when my mum is around. But if the cats ever come up to him, he goes running away.

What’s your favourite thing about Abbe? He’s so funny and diplomatic. When I go to the countryside to visit my parents he tries to spread his time evenly between my parents and I. He will go into each room throughout the night to make sure he’s fair and visits us equally. It’s so cute.

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