MyTopdogStatus by Michał Piotrowski

by Michał Piotrowski

developer with flower headband squeezes a dogs face

Meet Michal one of the talented developers in our Krakow office.

Michal has been working as a developer for over ten years. He started his career working in PHP in the education space for a subsidiary of the, and it was there that he stumbled upon his love for Erlang.

How did you start working on the BEAM?
I was working on a project where we needed to have real-time experiences and notifications. Our education app wanted the functionality to have new questions deployed live. We decided the best way to handle it was to use an XMPP server to distribute the events and serve them to the connected users. That was the first time I came across Erlang. I realised it gave me the power to do things that I just couldn’t in PHP. I really enjoyed working with it and wanted to use it more.

What makes Erlang the top dog in the programming world?
The philosophy of the BEAM VM offered me a way of programming that just wasn’t possible in PHP. I found the concurrency model especially fantastic, and it meant I could build more complex systems than I had been able to in the past. The clustering provided by the Erlang VM prevents you from having to create a custom solution every time. You can just connect BEAM nodes together and distribute the load.

What is your greatest achievement working at Erlang Solutions?
MongooseIM is able to scale to millions of concurrent users. The scalability of the platform is pretty much unparalleled, and it’s something that would be very difficult to achieve if it had been written in a language like Java.

What is the best thing about working at Erlang Solutions?
I get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for different customers. Even within MongooseIM, there are still unique needs to every project and use-case. We have a great mix of experienced colleagues, which makes it easy to find advice, feedback and support when you need it. The entire team is always very supportive. It’s also a company that makes knowledge sharing a priority which is great because you get different perspectives, and you are introduced to new ideas that can be helpful at a later date.

Now, tell us about your dog?
Spark is a 6-year-old German Shepard; we wanted our dog to be smart and active, so my wife named him Spark to reflect that?

And did the name work?
He is so smart, my wife trains him regularly, and he goes to group classes once a week, so he knows so many commands now.

What’s his coolest trick?
He can do the downward dog, very zen.

What’s your favourite way to spend time with Spark?
When he was younger, I used to love to take him running. Now that I’ve gotten faster, he’s started to slow me down, so we don’t run together as often. He is still very fast though, we ran a race for dog and human teams, there were about 100 dog and human teams, and we came 7th.

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