MyTopdogStatus by Basia Trojecka

by Basia Trojecka

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Meet Basia, one of our hard working Conference Coordinators

Basia began her career in cultural events. This included time at art galleries, youth culture centres and the Krakow Festival Office. Working for the Krakow Festival Office gave her a unique insight into the way organisations planned multiple overlapping events. The office handled over 7 regular major festivals in the city, as well as festivities for public days such as Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Eve. She was able to work with over 200 events professionals who came together to put on an array of wonderful festivities.

What are the differences between working in technology events and cultural events?
The audience is very different; technology audiences are more specific and have a much narrower focus. I think the most significant change is the exposure to different teams, different tools and new procedures. At an office like Krakow Festival Office, I specialised in a small part of running the event, but here I get to be more holistic. We have smaller teams, so we get exposure to almost everything, which is excellent.

What’s your favourite thing about running events for Erlang and Elixir developers?
They’re an excited and passionate audience. The community has a real appetite for learning, and we help connect them with senior community figures and feed that appetite to upskill. It also feels like the Erlang and Elixir community put a huge effort towards supporting diversity which is nice to be part of.

Why do you think Erlang Solutions is the top dog?
It’s always very rewarding to hear that people are happy with your events. I get to work with local partners and co-organisers to run extremely successful events. We’ve worked with some team who had never organised an event bigger than a Meetup. Through collaboration and planning, we’ve helped them run successful full-day conferences.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
The company culture is hugely employee focused. Staff happiness is clearly a priority of the company, and people have an active say in their role. The trust that the management team puts in us is tremendous and empowers us to do the best in our role. It’s rewarding to know that if I have an idea, the company will support me and help make it a reality. We have the freedom to create our own procedures, that work for us and deliver the best results. It also is a really family-friendly company too. For example, at our annual G2G get together events we are encouraged to bring our family with us.

On the subject of family, tell us about your dogs?

two dogs look up at camera

I have two dogs, Franklin & Theodore; we adopted them both so we don’t know what breed they are. We got them from this really cool privately run shelter. The woman who runs it is a Police Officer, but she volunteers to run this shelter. She takes care of up to 30 dogs at a time and tries to find new homes for them. We’d been following her story and her shelter on social media when we decided to get a dog and eventually come across Franklin and really wanted him. He has a great personality; he’s so expressive, smart and energetic. A year later we decided we wanted to get him a friend, so we went back to the same shelter and picked Theodore. It was kind of sweet because they actually already knew each other. Theodore was at the shelter when Franklin was there, so they’d been at the shelter together. Theodore hasn’t had as much human interaction so he can still be pretty shy. He took a while to get used to his new home, but he’s doing so well now. It’s really rewarding to see him get more comfortable with us.

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