MyTopdogStatus by Bartłomiej Górny

by Bartłomiej Górny

developer with flower headband squeezes a dogs face

Meet Bartek, one of the talented developers working on MongooseIM.

Bartek started his professional life as an economist but felt a lack of satisfaction in his work because there was nothing tangible to show for it at the end of the day. He moved into computer programming because it allowed him to build things with a finished end product. He originally started programming in Python; he then used Perl, C++ and Java. When Bartek eventually found Erlang, he knew that it was the language he wanted to work with.

How did you start working on the beam?
I was working on a complex project in Python; it was a real struggle. I found RabbitMQ, and it worked like a charm. The project got so much easier. So, I took a look under the hood of RabbitMQ and discovered Erlang. That was a lightbulb moment, I thought ‘bloody hell’ this is the language I should have been working with all along. I even went back and rewrote some of the old code in Erlang.

What makes Erlang the top dog in the programming world?
I think it is the most intuitive way to code, in that it matches a real-world mindset. The notion of a strict separation of concerns just makes sense. For example; one process does one thing, while another process does another. The way message passing happens in Erlang kind of acts the way a team would in the real world.

What is your greatest achievement working at Erlang Solutions?
Two years ago, I noticed an opportunity for significant improvement in MongooseIM, but it required a major refactoring, it impacted nearly every line of code. Pure refactoring was really needed. Luckily, the team are supportive and want to make the best product. As a result, we were able to improve the product.

What is the best thing about working at Erlang Solutions?
You get to work all over the world, I’ve worked in Russia, Bangladesh and India, just to name a few. Working with overseas teams is a real eye-opener; it makes you wiser. You get to make friends from all over the world. When you’re a tourist, you see the parts of a country that is designed for tourists, but when you’re working with people, you see what life in the country is really like. Also, working on MongooseIM, in Erlang, we can make deep and advanced customisations in weeks, using a relatively small amount of code. That would be difficult to do at other companies or in any technologies.

Now, tell us about your awesome dog Bonnie.
My dog Bonnie is a mixed breed, but she definitely looks like a Belgian Shepherd, only smaller. I got her from a shelter, and she’s just exceptional. She may look like a Belgian Shepherd, but she has the spirit of a Border Collie, she’s so fit and full of energy and a bit crazy. She’s a total workaholic; she never leaves you alone because she always wants to be chasing something, she tires me out sometimes. You can see all your crazy tricks and skills in the video below. We’re actually trying to get her into the Guinness Book of World Records in the next month. Watch this space.

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