Erlang Solutions partners with RE2 Programming to deliver Erlang, Elixir & RabbitMQ Online Training and to Grow the Community in South East Asia

Erlang Solutions, the world’s leading provider of Erlang and Elixir solutions, and RE2 Programming, an IT training organisation dedicated to helping developers in the Asian market reap the benefits of the BEAM, will work together to offer world-class online training in a format and time zone that caters to developers in South East Asia.

Why work with Erlang Solutions

By partnering with Erlang Solutions, they’ll have access to expert trainers as well as Erlang Solutions’ experience delivering interactive online training, taught by some of the most experienced developers in the community, including language co-creators like Robert Virding.

“We are delighted to be partnering with RE2 Programming to bring our world class Elixir and Erlang training courses to an Indian audience in a format and at times that are suited to their needs.

We have significant experience providing training globally, and our new partners will help us extend that into the new Indian marketplace.

Erlang and Elixir are currently experiencing unprecedented demand and developers with those skills are building some of the world’s most scalable, reliable and fault tolerant systems” – stated Stuart Whitfield, CEO of Erlang Solutions.

The benefits to both parties are clear with RE2 Programming able to benefit from the most experienced training team on the BEAM.

“Both Erlang Solutions and RE2 Programming share a common goal of spreading Erlang and Elixir expertise across the globe, helping individuals, as well as companies, achieve their maximum potential.

There is a high demand for Erlang and Elixir developers that companies find difficult to hire for. The skillset is in high demand but there is a gap between experienced professionals able to implement them. To help the Erlang and Elixir community grow across the Asian market and bring this badly kept secret to the engineering professionals on the eastern side of the globe, RE2 Programming has partnered with Erlang Solutions to deliver their world-class Elixir and Erlang training courses. This partnership is of key importance for both Elixir and Erlang communities and will immensely benefit the Indian IT industry. The aim is to spread the love for BEAM technologies across the Asian market; with the initial launch in India” – shared Hetal Vora, CEO of RE2 Programming.

About Erlang Solutions

Erlang Solutions is a tech consultancy that builds transformative, fault-tolerant solutions for the world’s most ambitious companies. By providing user-focused consultancy, high tech capabilities and connection to diverse communities, Erlang Solutions has built strong and long-lasting relationships with clients including WhatsApp, Klarna, Motorola, PepsiCo, Cisco, Ericsson and Adidas Runtastics to name a few.

About RE2 Programming

RE2 Programming’s vision is to help IT professionals thrive in their careers as well as fulfil the demand and supply gap for Erlang and Elixir engineers across the world through world class training delivered by Erlang Solutions.

They aim to spread the love for BEAM technology to the eastern world, helping the future IT Industry evolve and grow.
The founder of RE2 Programming Hetal V. identified the need for introducing functional programming to the Asian markets. RE2 Programming has been set up to bring the best practices for building technology that is highly scalable, resilient and fault tolerant.

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